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Monster-only rare items

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The following items cannot be obtained through the shops:

Item - Monster(s)


Elder maul - Chaos Elemental
Dinh's bulwark - Callisto
Prayer scroll - Venenatis
Twisted bow - Vet'ion
Kodai wand - Chaos Fanatic
Ancient wyvern shield - Wyvern monsters
Heavy ballista, Amulet of torture, Tormented bracelet, Necklace of anguish, Ring of suffering - Demonic  Gorilla
Armadyl godsword - Kree' Arra
Zamorak godsword - K'ril Tsutsaroth
Bandos godsword - General Graardor 
Armadyl crossbow, Saradomin godsword - Commander Zilyana
Dragonfire shield - King Black Dragon, Lava Dragon, Brutal Black Dragon

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