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ra recuiter

Best Multi/Single CC!! #RA

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1 hour ago, John Gotti said:

You had elvy in your cc/ u begged ratlords and had ACTUAL "daniels" in your cc and now your sitting at home "JOIN RA" L0000L

I mean rl are never going to join a multi clan, why wont you gambinoes come out in single? You have numbers.....

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Just for your information guys this cc was mine and I gave up on it after 1 week, D e e p & daniels was just 2 bitches in the cc. 

We will maybe return in the future if the server gets big enough.



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Format: What Is your In-Game Name? Captain Goat
Why do you wanna Join? I want to be able to be in a group that cant actually give a good chance of not getting clapped deep wildy
What is your experience to Nhing/bridding In multipk? So far ive consantly been ragged by teams at revs cant fight back when theres 6 of them and 1 of me
What is your KDR? How many Hours a day are you online on RuneWild? .8
Why should you be accepted? I should be accepted because I think I could really help out in team fights and holding down places like revs.
Do you Have Discord/Skype/Teamspeaker? (1 Required) If you get accepted you will be able to join the CC "RA" Atm I only have discord installed but if it's needed for me to have teamspeak or skype I can get those too

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