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Big Robs Vetion Guide!

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Hey everyone thanks for stopping by i hope my guide helps you kill Vetion quick and make money effectively!

Recommended Gear Setup !

Gear Setup 1 : Void (Elite or non doesn't matter) Glory or anguish, Snake Skin Or Pegs, Blowpipe / or Twisted Bow, Avas, Archers Ring (Optional) 

Gear Setup 2: Black Dhide ( Or What ever you can afford , Karils works too, ) Unholy Book, Snake Skin Boots, Rune/Dragon/Dragon Hunters Cross Bows, Archers Helm, Glory, Dragonstone Bolts (e).

Inventory Setup - 5-10 Brews 3-4 Restores 2 Ranging Pots ( Since You'll Be Banking Semi Frequently) A Few Sharks Or Anglers To Fill Remaining Space, Vengeance Is Optional!


Things to take into consideration....

1) This is in the wild, don't bring what you don't want to lose.

2) I recommend making a preset that lowers your stats so you're around 86 - 88 combat roughly so you don't get killed by teams of mains.

3) Remember you only need to walk one tile over when Vetion casts his splash spell!


Im aware that the video has a bit of a goof in it but it will be fixed soon!


Watch The Video Here!


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I would love to do some Wilderness Bosses especially Vet'ion but I rather find out what the drop rates are for them any way drop rates could be implemented? @David

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