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1400M (1200$+) OSRS Tournaments | 10th of September until 16th of September

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Since my return to the scene the growth I've seen has been amazing, we’re still growing rapidly every single day and this week has been insane in terms of average playercount as well as the peak playercount.
I’d like to celebrate this by giving away
OSRS gp instead of the normal 1000M.

Enjoy and goodluck!

dividers-R1-rough-grey.pngMonday 7:15PM GMT

F2P Tournament

150M OSRSdividers-R1-rough-grey.pngTuesday 7:15PM GMT

Main Tribrid Tournament

100M OSRSdividers-R1-rough-grey.pngWednesday 7:15PM GMT

Pure Tournament

Thursday 7:15PM GMT

Hybrid Tournament

100M OSRSdividers-R1-rough-grey.png
Friday 7:15PM GMT

Pure NH Tournament

100M OSRSdividers-R1-rough-grey.pngSaturday 7:15PM GMT

Max Melee Tournament

350M OSRSdividers-R1-rough-grey.pngSunday 7:15PM GMT

Dharok's Tournament

500M OSRSdividers-R1-rough-grey.png

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