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Level 50+ Event - All-out clan war #2

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Level 50+ Event - All-out clan war
Everyone can join this event, but it's meant for the clans to see who will reach the #1 spot.
The event starts Friday 8PM GMT after the Pure NH Tournament.


You can only enter the event if you are risking 25M+ BM.
For every enemy kill you will receive 1 point per 5M BM he's risking, so 50M would be 10 points.
Clans can sign up at me with a minimum of 5 members, NO CAP
You may not enter or leave your teams clanchat in the event.

It lasts 30 minutes.
No gear caps and as it’s in the wilderness, items are lost on death.
Gates are closed, nobody can leave walking, only through obelisks & levers, pple can also not teleport to lvl 52 obelisk so it's 100% that you won't see anyone not risking.

50$ credits scroll & 250 Clan Points

Any clan who wants to join reply on this topic and PM me on Discord.

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