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Daily OSRS Tournies - Tournament Type & Rewards

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We are hosting tournaments with OSRS rewards EVERY DAY! 

We changed a few days and rewards up based on the participation these tournaments had, any suggestions are welcome.
We are giving away a total of 375M OSRS.

dividers-R1-rough-grey.pngMonday 7:15PM GMT

Main NH Tournament

30M OSRSdividers-R1-rough-grey.pngTuesday 7:15PM GMT

Pure NH Tournament

30M OSRSdividers-R1-rough-grey.pngWednesday 7:15PM GMT

Hybrid Tournament

dividers-R1-rough-grey.pngThursday 7:15PM GMT

F2P Tournament

50M OSRSdividers-R1-rough-grey.png
Friday 7:15PM GMT

Pure Tournament

60M OSRSdividers-R1-rough-grey.pngSaturday 7:15PM GMT

Max Melee Tournament

75M OSRSdividers-R1-rough-grey.pngSunday 7:15PM GMT

Dharok's Tournament

100M OSRSdividers-R1-rough-grey.png

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