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My thoughts and feedback.

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Good Evening,


This feedback is completely personal and should not be taken personally at any point. I do not intend to negatively criticise anybody while making this feedback. This feedback is from my first few days of playing.


So let me introduce myself as I have not done so yet. My name on here is as you know, Vinu. However you may call me Kane.


I was refereed here by my very good friend xcloudx and decided to give it a try as I've recently just left a different community from being player support.


From my first time logging in I was overwhelmed with the amount of changes that this server has implemented in comparison to many other servers currently operating. I soon found the basics, and used my knowledge of commands from other servers however I feel that there is not enough support in the community at this moment.


I took the day to learn from the players by asking questions however, many other players were not able to answer my questions and so this left me having to work it out myself.


The player-base from what I can see is often like many others, however this is mainly down to being a Pk-orientated server. Meaning that a lot of the players are abusive and will not often help new players. From my time here so far, I have been flamed, abused and ignored.


In relation to the latest comment I have made above – I personally have seen a handful of moderators online, and two administrators. I feel like that moderators at the moment are nowhere to be seen, and should be more proactive. I have recently reached out to a few moderators however they either could not answer my questions down to lack of knowledge or simply did not answer and logged offline. In other cases, I have seen player moderators being AFK and kept themselves logged in which causes a lot of problems with members like myself who are needing support but are ignored. This gives you the feeling that you are not being supported.


The community does not seem to respect the player moderators and they are commonly observed being punished, then continuing once the moderators leave. Often when player moderators are trying to talk to individuals to address problems, it has been observed that moderators are doing this in public, where often there are many people talking at once, this does not make it feel like the person is being warned.


The content itself on this server is unique and is good – however like I said, there is very little help for new players, which I have observed.



What to do, and how to address these issues?


I believe that new players should be given a short tutorial which will show them the things that they need to know. By simply giving them a dialogue which explains the most basic things, such as where to find certain shops, where and how to use the player owned stores (trading post) and other frequently asked questions. This would at least keep players from leaving, as it is more often the reason people leave when they first join, being overwhelmed.


I believe that all moderators should log-out when they are not using the server, stopping people from asking questions when they won't be answered. This can be seen as the staff being uncaring or not being bothered to help new players, or long-term players. I really recommend having a commited, small group, of server support staff would can answer questions, respond to queries or respond to complaints, to relay that back to the player moderators. This will then free-up the moderators allowing them to focus on important things that may appear.


I also recommend that you try and select a player moderator plan which allows multiple timezones, this means that when most moderators are asleep, others are available during the day, or whenever they are available to set as relief moderators. Moderators should also think about better ways to communicate with players who need their attention. This could be down to reports against players, or players which are troubled by something. This gives players a better sense of attention from the moderators than a busy room in edgeville shops.

I would also like to see different ranks on the server, events coordinators, more content creators, social media teams, and even more forum boards, as the forum is looking very empty and barely any categories there.



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Firstly, I appreciate your suggestions. However I mean this in the greatest respect towards yourself. Moderators currently have a 5 minute afk timer, which means if they’re afk for longer than 5 minutes, there accounts would automatically log out.

secondly, there is an npc at ::shops what gives a tutorial for new players, and I’m pretty sure they are asked if they’d wish to take that tutorial before beginning there adventure here on RuneWild. (You may of skipped that option).

Us staff members have a vast knowledge of the game. Some staff members have a lot more experience than others, but with that said, they still know their role very well.

(Maybe change the text used in these suggestions, it made it a lot harder to read than usual?.)

If you ever need any future help and a staff member is not currently available, please use ::discord in-game, and message any staff members that are available on there. Also you can always leave a message on the forums.

I hope my answers was of some help to your concerns and suggestions. 

Many thanks, Adam.

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