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Second week's KOTH Winner: Gambinos

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 Second Week's King Of The Hill Winner 
The MAFIA Gambinos Family


Resulting in a reward of 50M OSRS towards the Leader of Gambinos.
Another 50M OSRS King Of The Hill Event
Due to heavy demand I'm extending the King Of The Hill event along with the Etherial sword for one more week.
There was a split decision on the sword where alot of players wanted it to be extended, it was mostly voted no by players who weren't PKing in multi at all.

The King of The Hill events with an OSRS reward could be a permanent thing, the activity is great to see and I might do some streams this week to commentate and witness the chaos in Revenants' cave along with you guys.
Who will win the next week's 50M OSRS Prize for being the #1 on the KOTH scoreboard?

Read more about King Of The Hill here..
King Of The Hill Wiki

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