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[High Risk / Risk Fight CC] Planker Gang Nation

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Clan closed as there has been no demand for such a clan to exist.






CC: "PlankerGang"

If you're in need of a CC to find risk fights and to talk to people about risk fighting, feel free to join us at Planker Gang Nation.

  • •     Being toxic / flaming is highly encouraged (in the cc, don't break game rules obvi)
  • •     We strongly believe shit talking makes risking more fun, as with shit talking rather than just risking blood money, you risk your pride!
  • •     No scamming of any sort, false risk (using noted anglers or glitched items to boost risk / no using the agreed risk item will result in a ban from the cc)
    • •     We're totally open to the public and encourage you to join our open cc "PlankerGang"


Feel free to post kill screenshots or advertise that you're risk fighting in this thread, or flame me for being a retard starting this cc. 

Post reports of any scamming on this thread or DM / @ me on discord: Doink#6470 (UID: 387124634287603715)

I really don't care, do whatever you like and have some fun.


Clan closed as there has been no demand for such a clan to exist.

Edited by rayp

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