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Gambling Guide

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Hey guys!

So today I’ll be covering all of the gambling aspect of Runewild. First, I’ll talk about how you can start gambling in the server. Second, I’ll go over the rules of the different games we have (55x2, Blackjack, Flower Poker and Dice Duel). Third, I’ll talk about the dos and don’ts of gambling. Finally, I’ll give you some advice that I’ve learned throughout my experience as a gambler and host.


Start doing Flower Poker or Hosting



First, you’ll need to type in ::home

Once there, you’ll need to run East until you see Gambler. Talk to him.


Then you can choose the option which that suits you most. The first three are pretty much self-explanatory. The 4th one, however, needs to be explained. Basically, once you choose the 4th option, “Gambler” will ban you from gambling for a set amount of time that you’ve chosen with a fee (50m to be exact). Which means that you won’t be able to gamble for that period.


How can I use the dice bags?


I get this question often and it is very simple. Let me show you.


First, you’ll need to right click the person you want to host or dice duel with and click on “Dice With”


Then, you’ll have to choose between these three options. (I’ll go over the rules of each later)


The person will have to accept the request and you’ll be sent to a “trade” screen where both of you will put your bets. It will be the same for all the options.

Being Hosted


The host will send you an invitation which you will have to accept in order to continue.


You will then be sent to a “trade” screen where both of you will put your bets. The game is always displayed in the middle of the screen. Please make sure that this is the right game that you’ve chosen.




Now for the rules. I know that everything in the server is automatic. But I still feel like it’s important to know the rules of the game you’re playing so you don’t feel that you’ve been cheated on.


This game is easy to understand. The host will roll the dice one time and one time only. If he rolls above 55 you win. If he rolls 55 or below, the host wins. Please keep in mind that a 55 is in the host’s favor.


This game is easy to understand as well but some people might get confused sometimes so I’ll try to be as detailed as possible.
First, the person who is being hosted will roll. Then, no matter what number he rolls, he will get to choose between hit or stand. If he hits, he will roll the dice another time and will be given the same options until he either stand or bust (go over 100). If he stands, the host will start rolling next and will keep rolling until he either gets a higher number than the person hosted or busts. The goal here is to be as close as possible to 100 without going over.

Flower Poker

Rules are simple, you and your opponent will plant 5 plants. This game is basically who can have to most pair or the combinations of the flowers.

These are the possibilities ranging from worst to best:

Bust: All the flowers are different colors (Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Purple)
One Pair: You have 2 flowers of the same color within in 5 plants. (Red, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow
Two Pair: You have 2 sets of 2 flowers with the same color out of your 5 plants. (Blue, Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Orange)
Oak: You have 3 flowers of the same color within your 5 plants. (Red, Blue, Orange, Orange, Orange)
Full House: One pair with a 3 Oak (Blue, Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow)
4 Oak: It’s rare but it can still happen! This is 4 same color plant out of 5 plants. (Red, Red, Blue, Red, Red)
5 Oak: 5 same color plants within 5 plants. (Purple, Purple, Purple, Purple, Purple)

Dice Duel

Here, you will both be rolling dices. Each round, the highest dice rolled wins. First one to reach 3 wins.


Do's and dont's



-    Always make sure you are recording even if everything is automatic. We never what can happen. You might DC in the middle of the game for example. It is your responsibility to make sure you have proofs of what happened or else nothing much can be done unfortunately.

-    Always tell the host which game you’d like to play. This is for yours and the host’s protection. It is possible that the host invite you in a Blackjack game when you wanted to play 55x2 for example. Therefore, it is important to always verbally state the game you’d like to play so you can have proof that this was not the game you wanted to play.


-    Gambling is a risky game. Whenever you lose a game, please refrain yourself from asking to person you’ve just gambled with for your items back. It is very unprofessional and disrespectful towards the host/gambler. The host/gambler took a risk gambling with you and he won the game fair and square. He is in no way responsible of the loss of your bank.

-    Please avoid flaming/insulting the host/gambler after a win or a loss.




-    It is no secret that gambling is one of the fastest ways of making of money but keep in mind that you could lose your back at twice the rate. As I’ve said before, gambling is a very risky game, so if you know that you’ll quit the game if you lose your bank, please avoid it and stick with a steady money-making method such as slayer. I know it is slower, but it is a non-risky and steady money making for all players.

-    Set yourself a limit to reduce the risk of losing all your bank. Always doubling your bets will only lead to disaster and take it from personal experiences. I like to set a 10% limit to all my gambles. If for example you have a 5B bank, set yourself a 500m limit. This is an example of course and you could always set the limit however you like but this is what works best for me and I hope it helps you.

-    It's recommended to not gamble your pvm gear. As I’ve said earlier, slayer/pvming is one the steadiest money-making method. Therefore, keeping a pvm gear in hand will only be beneficial for you and you’ll avoid having to start over from scratch.

-    Have fun. At the end of the day, we play Runewild to have fun and enjoy our time. There will be some days that you’ll lose and there will be some that you’ll win. We can’t always win and it’s perfectly normal. The most important thing is to smile and to always be respectful towards each other. 


How can I ban myself from gambling?


I talked about this earlier but I felt like it might go unnoticed so here it is. You'll need to talk with Gambler and this will appear in your chat box.


Basically, once you choose the 4th option, “Gambler” will ban you from gambling for a set amount of time that you’ve chosen with a fee (50m to be exact). Which means that you won’t be able to gamble for that period.


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I regret viewing this, my inner gambler is screaming to have his shackles undone, jokes aside though very informative and detailed.

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