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[Updated] Best XP / Hour Skilling Guide

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Stats iconRunewild Skilling Methods and the Correlative XP / HourStats icon



 Woodcutting Woodcutting:   

Oak logs: 2.2m/hr (15 woodcutting) (best for xp less afk) 

Willow logs: 2.26m/hr (30 woodcutting) (I would go for willows if you are going for xp as they are more afk than oaks)

Maple logs: 1.9m/hr (45 woodcutting)

Yew logs: 1.9m/hr (60 woodcutting)

Magic logs: 1.65m/hr (75 woodcutting) (best for money/firemaking) (good to get done for the 5k in wildy achievement in the wildy resource area North East of lever)



Crafting  Crafting:   

Uncut Onyx: 15m/hr (67 crafting) (this deppends on your efficiency) (I recommend using a noted stack on a bank to improve efficiency)



Agility Agility:   

Wilderness Agility Course: 5m/hr (50 agility)



Herblore  Herblore:

Ranging potion:  ~7.37m/hr  (72 herb)

Grimy torstol are 3k ea in shop, super combat sells for 4k ea in shop. Would not recommend doing super combats for money, and you can only make 7 each inventory.



Fishing  Fishing:

Salmon: 4.1m/hr (30 fishing) (best for xp)

Anglerfish barb village: 1.1m/hr (82 fishing)

Anglerfish resource area: 3m/hr (82 fishing) (best for cooking and money PS: beware of pkers)



Cooking   Cooking:

Monkfish: 3.6m/hr (62 cooking, use cooking gauntlets) (best spawnable fish)

Anglerfish: 5.5m/hr (84 cooking, use cooking gauntlets) (best for xp and money if you fish them at resource area) (Good to get out of the way for the achievement)



Firemaking  Firemaking:

Mahogany logs: 3.9m/hr (50 firemaking) (best spawnable logs) (I believe !cw is the most efficient place to train)

Yew logs: 5m/hr (60 firemaking) (best cheapest logs) (I believe !cw is the most efficient place to train)

Magic logs: 7.5m/hr (75 firemaking) (best for xp) (I believe !cw is the most efficient place to train)



Slayer   Slayer:

Disable elite slayer tasks for best xp / hour.

Unlock longer tasks, Slayer Helm, Slayer Helm (I) ASAP.



Original thread

Majority of the credit goes to @Q10 for the thread layout, the majority of the xp per hour figures, and the graphics.

I've added the required levels for the different training methods, fixed a few of the xp/hour figures (I will correct more and more as I test them)

I attempted to comment a few of these changes since I saw they were no longer accurate, but my comment was removed by @Adam for "grave digging" and I was given warning points, even thought the thread was pinned. So now you guys get a whole need thread with a few updated numbers, handy dandy required level for each method, and and other small tweaks.


Edited by rayp

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20 minutes ago, Prestige said:

Awesome job @rayp ;) 

Thank you!

Thanks buddy, I'll be updating the xp / hour statistics / verifying their authenticity, as I found some even when I'm being as efficient as humanly possible are quite far off.

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With the recent preset timer update there will be some changes for sure. I can't wait to see the numbers. Keep up the good work mate :)

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Dope guide fam. I’m sure this will be a big help towards our new/ existing players.

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