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Week V, VI & VII KOTH Winner: Gambinos

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 Week V and VI King Of The Hill Winner 
The MAFIA Gambinos Family


Resulting in a reward of 50M OSRS towards the Leader of Gambinos.

 Godfather of the Gambino Family: John Gotti 
We were always ready for war no matter how tough it would be but when we actually got in there our coordination, communication and dedication to see our enemies which merged to see us fall was much higher, because we refuse to let anyone shut us down.

Ruling by a iron fist is much better then ruling with a friendly face, fear lasts longer than love..



 Who will win the next week's 25M OSRS Prize for being the #1 on the KOTH scoreboard? 

Read more about King Of The Hill here..
King Of The Hill Wiki

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8 hours ago, Player Kille said:

There's actually 0 point in holding koth, Because noone waltz's into multi enough, If you promoted single pking (for the first time ever) It might actually be good and instead of clans leaving they'll come.

We have one single zone for King of the Hill which is chinchompa hill, single clans nowadays close after a week because of one kill pic, you can't stop it.

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