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Yell Color

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Hey guys, I've been asked by many people about how I customize my yell color. It's very easy and I'll show you how.

Yell Chat

You will need to add <shad="color code"> after ::yell

You can get any color code you want by clicking here



Let's take this color for example.

You'll need to use the decimal code like this:


Once you've followed these steps, you should see your yell message with the color you've chosen just like this:


Yell Tag

1. You choose your color like this (Same code as the one above):



2. If you are sure about your yell tag, then press enter and click on the first option "Yes, I want this yell tag."



3.  There you go. Your yell tag is now setup in your account and will look like this:


Hope this guide came in handy for you! If you need anything don't hesitate to pm me in game or on discord. :)

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1 hour ago, Korianteri said:

Now I can yell some cool lines, like my rap lines thanks!


Haha, yeah it is pretty nice tbh

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Well, i'm sure at times this'll be useful to draw more attention to Yell-chat messages, how does the re-colouring work for the Yell-tags though if you don't mind me asking?

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