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8 hours ago, Shqiperia101 said:

Fucking scum. Period all he cares about is his gp, like learn how to share if someone asks uve got 200b u idoit. He only gambles never seen him help ppl.-100


On 3/10/2019 at 8:58 AM, X C said:

Hell no he is way to greedy like legit greedy no lie. He is not staff potential idk why he applied he is just bad. 




Nobody is obligated to give you anything. This goes for staff and regular players alike, regardless of how rich they are in game. Complaining about somebody not giving you a handout makes your own word less reputable and demonstrates your own unwillingness to go out there and work for your items. It is not hard to achieve wealth on this server if you are willing to put in the time. Someone who has put in the time is in no way required to give away the things that they have worked for and earned. If you looked at it from his perspective instead of your own selfish perspective then you would understand that you are not he only person that asked him for a handout, and in fact he most likely gets pestered daily. That goes for everyone in this thread who is calling him "greedy." Being frugal is not a quality that makes a person unfit for a staff position. 

In my  opinion he seems level headed, is pretty active and helpful in the community. Would be nice to see more activity in edge, pking, etc and not just merching/gambling though. 

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