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Impact was first created as a small group of friends who'd come from established 07 teams wanting to make a name for themselves on Private Servers, Knowledge of the game and chemistry as a team quickly rose Impact to the top. 2 Years down the line and Impact has obliterated every ounce of competition it's come across - there was no competition to begin with. The leadership and dedication of the members meant that no matter what the situation was, we knew we'd win. from 8 to now 40+ members. Impact will always fight for dominance and always win..

Tactics > Chaos

Quality > Quantity


Our Private Discord: https://discord.gg/aGastum

Our Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/RsImpact




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Dunno if you're still recruiting but i'm interested in joining if you are, here's my discord tag Turtle#5602 I'm YETIII ingame, looking forward to a reply

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