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RuneWild Loyality Program

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Hey everyone! As you all know, we are very grateful to the tremendous amount of support our Youtubers and streamers have given us. We'd like to thank them by offering rewards. The reward will be based on a very simple criteria.




Rewards for Youtubers based on the amount of views

50m per 100+ Views
150m per 250+ Views
250m per 500+ Views
500m per 1000+ Views


Please send us either on Discord of Forum a message following this specific format so we can make the payout easier:

In-game name:

Youtuber name:

Number of subscribers:

Recent videos: (insert link)

Number of views that week:


The rewards will be obtained every Sunday. To receive the reward you must have submitted a minimum of one video in the past week for Runewild. If you're a content creator and are frequently able pull in around 500+ views you may contact @G to setup giveaways!




Rewards for streaming RuneWild content on a weekly basis (minimum of 2 streams a week)

50 views (50M)
150 views (200M)
300 views (450M)
500+ views (750M)


Each reward for streaming Runewild content will be given out on the Sunday at the end of each week. Prizes for streaming, can be obtained by contacting @Adam. Please note that all streams must contain a link towards Runewild homepage in order to be eligible to claim the reward. You must stream a minimum of twice a week over a time period of 5 hours.


Once again, we'd like to let y'all know that we value the support our content creators has given us. We thank you in advance for making great videos/streams. 


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