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Hungry Wolfs

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We're the predators of the wild we feast upon the broken, we are pack bounded, all wolfs have their purpose we guide the sick we care for the elder we avenge the fallen. 

Feast Fellow Wolfs


About Us

We're a new clan on RuneWild, a lot of the clans out there are mostly pvmers who lock down Vorki, we aim to not only lock these areas but to control the singles and multi areas of the wilderness. Our Pack will run the wild with blood, we're looking for all and every pker from Rag bolts to NH, we have no judgement on skill as we believe everyone can grow if given the chance to. If you wish to join our pack our cc is "Wolf Pack". You can fill out an application below to give us more detail about you and the experience you have in the pking world. 






Pk Style?

Discord -(yes/no)

How long have you played RS for?

What's your strongest style of pk?



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1. Nature

2. Any pk Style. I prefer max bridding/NH

3. Ofcourse?

4. Since 2008

5. Nhing

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