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Un-Official Price Guide [LAST UPDATED WITH LOVE JUNE 13th]

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Posted (edited)

Price Guide

LAST UPDATED (with love) June 13th, 2019

This price guide is updated semi-regularly religiously.

(bug me in game if you think something is fricked)

Items with a larger price deviation are mostly due to a lower volume of the item being traded.

 The prices will be based on what is being actively traded between players. Please if any prices are wrong and you don't agree pm me ingame or forums.


Color guide:

Price Unstable / Uncertain 

Price Greatly Increased

Price Increased

Price Flat

Price Decreased

Price Greatly Decreased


Then type the item you are searching for!

~God Wars Armour and Weapons~

Bandos chestplate Bandos chestplate - 12m

Bandos tassets Bandos tassets - 12m

Bandos boots Bandos boots - 3m


Armadyl helmet Armadyl helmet - 3m

Armadyl chestplate Armadyl chestplate -  12m

Armadyl chainskirt Armadyl chainskirt- 12m


Armadyl godsword Armadyl godsword - 110-120m

Bandos godsword Bandos godsword - 15-25m

Saradomin godsword Saradomin godsword - 25-50m

Zamorak godsword Zamorak godsword - 15-25m


Armadyl crossbow Armadyl crossbow - 55-70m

Saradomin sword Saradomin sword - 6m

Zamorakian spear Zamorakian spear - 6m



Trident of the swamp Trident of the swamp - 15m 

Trident of the seas Trident of the seas - 4-5m

Staff of the dead Staff of the dead - 8m

Staff of lightStaff of light - 10m



Dharok's armour set Dharok's set - 7m

Guthan's armour set Guthan's set - 2m

Karil's armour set Karil's set - 4m

Torag's armour set Torag's set - 2m

Verac's armour set Verac's set - 2m



Occult necklace Occult necklace - 3m

Onyx amulet Amulet of fury - 4m

Zenyte amulet Amulet of torture - 350-500m

Necklace of anguish Necklace of anguish - 350-450m

Tormented bracelet Tormented bracelet - 70-90m

Zenyte ring Ring of suffering - 70-90m

Archers ringArchers ring - 2m

Berserker ringBerserker ring - 2m

Seers ring Seers ring - 2m

Warrior ring Warrior ring - 1.5m

Ring of wealth (uncharged) Ring of wealth - 10-15m

Amulet of the damned Amulet of the damned - 2m

Berserker necklace Berserker necklace - 2.5m



Eternal boots Eternal boots - 40-65m

Pegasian bootsPegasian boots - 50-65m

Primordial boots Primordial boots - 25-45m

Infinity boots Infinity boots - 2m

Ranger boots Ranger boots - 3m

Dragon boots Dragon boots - 1500k

Guardian bootsGuardian Boots 40-50m



Elysian spirit shield Elysian spirit shield - 50-115b

Arcane spirit shield Arcane spirit shield - 2.7-3.5b

Spectral spirit shield Spectral spirit shield - 120-140m

Blessed spirit shield Blessed spirit shield - 1.5m 

Spirit shield Spirit shield - 700k


Dragonfire shield (uncharged) Dragonfire shield - 15-25m 

Ancient wyvern shield (uncharged) Ancient wyvern shield - 40-50m 

latest?cb=20180802151807 Dragonfire Ward - 35-50m


Odium ward (or) Odium ward (or) - 8m

Malediction ward (or) Malediction ward (or) - 8m

Malediction ward Malediction ward - 3m

Odium ward Odium ward - 3m



Ancestral hat Ancestral hat - 35-40m

Ancestral robe top Ancestral robe top - 100-130m

Ancestral robe bottom Ancestral robe bottom - 100-130m

Kodai wand Kodai wand -  700-950m

Twisted bow Twisted bow - 700-800m

Elder maul Elder maul - 750-900m

Dragon claws Dragon claws - 100-110m

Dexterous prayer scroll Prayer scroll - 400-500m

Twisted buckler Twisted Buckler - 20-30m

Dinh's bulwark Dinh's Bulwark - 275-350m

21012.gif Dragon hunter crossbow - 3.5m

Dragon sword Dragon sword - 4m

Dragon thrownaxeDragon thrownaxe - 200k


~Theatre Of Blood (Raids 2) Rewards~

ipqkhbv.pngJusticiar faceguard 1.5-2B
ZOI4GAS.png Justiciar chestguard 2B-3B
8cQf2nC.png Justiciar legguards 2B-3B
latest?cb=20140413224822 Full set 6-10B

yd2yY5g.pngAvernic defender - 3.5b

AcwB7ap.pngSanguinesti staff - 2b

Ferocious_gloves.png?e10f6 Ferocious Gloves - 2-2.5b

Ghrazi_rapier.png?7b872 Ghrazi rapier - 3b

Scythe_of_vitur_(uncharged).png?5672e Scythe of vitur - 8-12B




(I don't change these from @G's prices, idk rare prices!)

3rd age full helmet 3rd Age Mele full Helmet - 700m

3rd age platebody 3rd Age Melee Platebody - 700m

3rd age platelegs 3rd Age Melee Platelegs - 700m

3rd age kiteshield 3rd Age Melee Kiteshield - 700m


3rd age mage hat 3rd Age Mage hat - 450m

3rd age robe top 3rd Age Mage robe top - 450m

3rd age robe 3rd Age Mage robe legs - 450m

3rd age amulet 3rd Age Mage amulet - 50m


3rd age range coif 3rd Age Range coif - 50m

3rd age range top 3rd Age Range top - 50m

3rd age range legs 3rd Age Range legs - 50m

3rd age vambraces 3rd Age Range vambs - 50m


latest?cb=20151008103443 Druidic Wreath - 100m

3rd_age_druidic_robe_top.png?c26e5 3rd Age Druidic robe top - 500m

3rd_age_druidic_robe_bottoms.png?e1a6a 3rd Age Druidic robe bottoms - 500m

3rd_age_druidic_staff.png?c26e5  3rd Age Druidic staff - 150m

3rd_age_druidic_cloak.png?86c68 3rdAge Druidic cloak - unknown


3rd age longsword 3rd Age Longsword - 550m

3rd age bow 3rd Age Bow - 2b-2.5b

3rd age wand 3rd Age Wand - 400m

3rd age pickaxe 3rd Age Pickaxe - 100m

3rd age axe 3rd Age axe - 50m

3rd age cloak 3rd Age Cloak - 200m


Christmas cracker Christmas cracker - 500-600m

Rainbow partyhatRainbow partyhat - 6b-7.5b

Black partyhat Black partyhat - 1.25-1.5b

Partyhat & specsPartyhat & Specs - 700-800m

Blue partyhat Blue Partyhat - 700-800m

Red partyhat Red Partyhat - 800-900m

Purple partyhat Purple Partyhat - 800m

White partyhat White Partyhat - 500-600m

Green partyhat Green Partyhat - 500-600m

Yellow partyhat Yellow Partyhat - 500-600m 


Red halloween maskRed h'ween mask - 300-350m

Blue halloween maskBlue h'ween mask - 300-350m

Green halloween maskGreen h'ween mask - 300-350m

Black h'ween mask Black h'ween mask - 700-900m


latest?cb=20130809101130 Santa hat - 350-550m

Black santa hat Black santa hat - 800-1b


~Ultra Rare / 1 In Game~

latest?cb=20140220160436 Cow outfit - unknown

latest?cb=20160706160110 Samurai outfit - unknown

latest?cb=20160706160012 Mummy outfit - unknown

latest?cb=20160706155850 Robes of Darkness - unknown


latest?cb=20160706155432 Ankou outfit -unknown


~Vote Store~

vTZYJ8x.png 1 Vote point - 1.2-2m

Crystal keyCrystal key - 1m

Kraken tentacleKraken tentacle - 3.5m

Dark bowDark bow - 600k 

Team cape zeroTeam cape zero - UNTRADEABLE

Team cape iTeam cape I - UNTRADEABLE

Team cape xTeam cape x - UNTRADEABLE

Magic shortbow scrollMagic shortbow scroll - 5m

 White dark bow paintWhite dark bow paint - 5m

Blue dark bow paintBlue dark bow paint - 5m

Frozen whip mixFrozen whip mix - 5m

Ring of stoneRing of stone - 25m


Armadyl godsword ornament kitArmadyl godsword - 30-40m

Bandos godsword ornament kitBandos godsword - 20-25m

Saradomin godsword ornament kitSaradomin godsword - 20-25m

Zamorak godsword ornament kitZamorak godsword - 20-25m

Torture ornament kitAmulet of torture - 15m

Torture ornament kitAmulet of anguish - 15m

Occult ornament kitOccult necklace - 15m

Fury ornament kitAmulet of fury - 15m

Dark infinity colour kitDark infinity - 8m

Light infinity colour kitLight infinity - 8m

Dragon sq shield ornament kitDragon sq shield - 8m



Infinity hat Infinity hat - 400k

Infinity top Infinity top - 400k 

Infinity bottoms Infinity bottoms - 400k 


Dark infinity hat Dark infinity hat - 8m

Dark infinity top Dark infinity top - 8m

Dark infinity bottoms Dark infinity bottoms - 8m


Light infinity hat Light infinity hat - 8m

Light infinity top Light infinity top - 8m

Light infinity bottoms Light infinity bottoms - 8m


~Donor Store~

nXnf8IN.png Infernal cape - 1.5-1.8b

latest?cb=20180104132234 Ava's Assembler - 1.5-2.2b

latest?cb=20140418180420100 credits scroll ($10) - 340-500m (3.4-5m per credit)

Sagacious spectacles Sagacious spectacles - 150-225m

REGwyy4.png Blackjack table - 1.7-2.2b


Mystery boxMystery box - UNTRADEABLE

Box bauble (pink)Super mystery box - 75-125m

Box bauble (unpainted) Legendary mystery box - 125-175m

Box bauble (red)Pet mystery box - 500-650m

Box bauble (blue) 3rd age Mystery box - 400m


Kandarin headgear 4 Kandarin headgear 4 - unknown

Varrock armour 4 Varrock armour 4 - unknown

Morytania legs 4 Morytania legs 4 - unknown

Falador shield 4 Falador shield 4 - unknown

Fremennik sea boots 4 Fremenik sea boots 4 - unknown

Wilderness sword 4 Wilderness sword 4 - unknown


latest?cb=20150310173412 Fancy Strong Armour (1) Top - 5b

latest?cb=20150310170820 Fancy Strong Armour (1) Bottom - 5b

latest?cb=20150418060430 Fancy Strong Armour (2) Top - 10b

latest?cb=20150402122219 Fancy Strong Armour (2) Bottom - 10b


latest?cb=20171211151008 Snow imp costume - 500m

latest?cb=20131024200514Skeleton costume - 350m

latest?cb=20130725120602 Bunny costume - 700m

latest?cb=20131031091424 Chicken costume - 800m

latest?cb=20160112044829 Shayzien (2) costume - 250m



latest?cb=20150108113148 Zulrah's Scales - 5-15k

Serpentine helm Serpentine helm - 80-100m

Tanzanite helm (uncharged) Tanzanite helm - UNTRADEABLE

Magma helm (uncharged) Magma helm - UNTRADEABLE

j6wHdaQ.png Toxic blowpipe - 100-120m

Toxic staff of the dead Toxic staff of the dead - 40-60m

Magic fangMagic fang - 50m+


~Wilderness items~

Ward upgrade kit Ward upgrade kit - 1.5m

latest?cb=20140315004825 Dragon Pickaxe - ~100m


Revenant ether 5 Revenant ether - 25-30k ea

latest?cb=20180806120319 Viggora's chainmace (u) - 1m

latest?cb=20180726105143 Thammaron's sceptre (u) - 700k

latest?cb=20180726105142 Craw's bow (u) - 2.5-3.5m

latest?cb=20180906104321 Statius's warhammer - 500-650m

latest?cb=20180906104322 Vesta's longsword - 300m

Brimstone_ring.png?7e143 Brimstone Ring - 75-120m


d0Lyv7r.png Red Casket 5m

hou0cxP.png Green Casket 10m

zmNtKg0.png Purple Casket - 40-50m

nD9iAgv.png Gold Casket - 100-120m



Vorkath's head Vorkath's head -  2b

Infernal cape Infernal cape - 1.5-1.8b

Obsidian helmet Obsidian Helmet - 10m

Obsidian platebody Obsidian Platebody - 20m

Obsidian platelegs Obsidian Platelegs - 20m



latest?cb=20130225220334Cannon barrels - 500m

latest?cb=20130225220334 Cannon base - 500m

latest?cb=20130225220335 Cannon furnace - 500m

latest?cb=20130225220335 Cannon stand - 500m

latest?cb=20141211211519 Full Cannon - 2-2.5b


~Other Items~

OJVaUA7.png  Kiln (Diamond Donor Item) - 20-55b

latest?cb=20171211151011 Wise old man's santa hat -  3-4b

latest?cb=20150621032550 Mask of Balance - 500m-1b

latest?cb=20131031092846 Woolly Hat - 200m

Dragon warhammer Dragon warhammer - 50-60m

Heavy ballista Heavy ballista - 20-30m

Dragon javelin Dragon javelin - 30k

Abyssal dagger (p) Abyssal dagger - 6m

Abyssal bludgeon Abyssal bludgeon 30-55m

Master wand Master wand - 2m

Robin hood hat Robin hood hat - 3m 

Mage's book Mage's book - 10m 

Granite maul Granite maul - 700k

Dragon spear Dragon spear - 700k 

Leaf-bladed battleaxe Leaf-bladed battleaxe - 15m

Dragon kiteshieldDragon kiteshield - 2m

Dragon platebody Dragon platebody - 15m

Dwarven helmet Dwarven helmet - 3m

Tome of fire (empty)Tome of fire - 8m

Hunters' crossbowHunters' crossbow - 8m

Dragon crossbowDragon crossbow - 700k

latest?cb=20170216162506 Burning amulet - 30-40k

latest?cb=20160706160017 Ring of Coins - 25-50m

latest?cb=20160706160017 Ring of nature 50-75m

latest?cb=20150827111557 Infernal Pickaxe - 1b

latest?cb=20150827111557 Infernal Axe - 400m

Pm me in-game or forums if anything has to be changed! 



See comments for every change that is made (I quote reply all updates)
I tried pasting here, but the image embeds don't seem to work here...

Full credit for the format goes to @G, he's a busy man and prices were getting updated too infrequently, so I decided to try my hand at picking up the perceived slack.


One day I'll download photoshop again, to make the new items transparent and sexy, I promise.

Edited by rayp
added sheet, I DON'T KNOW RARE PRICES / holy shit getting rid of those bars was tedious as ever (last update is directly above this line)

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Posted (edited)

All the team capes are no longer obtainable and are also now untradeable unfortunately for people like me who hold them, thanks for this.

Edited by Rudra

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1 minute ago, Rudra said:

All the team capes are no longer obtainable and are also now untradeable unfortunately for people like me who hold them, thanks for this.

Fixed, and that's a nice rare mate, not unfortunate =) 

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39 minutes ago, rayp said:

Fixed, and that's a nice rare mate, not unfortunate =) 

If it was tradeable, ye aha.

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Thank you for the price list, i am sure people will make great use of it.

Runewild Server Support.

Always happy to help, my PMs are open, feel free to ask.


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