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Vortex Staff Application

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  • What's your in-game username? - Vortex


  • What is your timezone? - EST


  • What is your playtime? - I have many different accounts but the one I play on now is Vortex. I don't just have 1 account with 7 days played. I have so many accounts and I have over 2 weeks played added up but not just on 1 account :/


  • Tell us a little about your RSPS history. - In the past I have played many different RSPS's such as  Havoc, Novea, Dawntained, SpawnPK, Simplicity, Alora and many other Servers. I have been playing RSPS Servers for many years now. I have learned how to communicate/help/guide people in the different Servers. Solving bugs, glitches, etc. Overall I have played RSPS's more then I play OSRS and that's saying something, because I have a completely maxed Account on OSRS. So I have put a lot of time and effort into many different Servers out there, and am here to make this the Permanent Server I play !


  • Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? -  I would like to be a member of the Staff team because I am a great communicator. I can interact with people very well and handle difficult situations without Stressing out and losing control. I also want to benefit the Server because I know it exceeds the Potential to become the best Private Server out there.


  • Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: I have been Server Support & Moderator on many other servers. I know most of the commands, I know not to abuse the power because it is a true Blessing to be able to be a Mod & Server Support. Most people find me Funny, Helpful, and Caring. I go out of my way to make sure people enjoy there time on Private Servers which why I would be a great fit for a Moderator.


I would also just like to add, I appreciate whoever took the time to read through my Application and hope I do end up becoming a part of the Runewild Staff. If you have any further Questions my Discord is (Krummpy#3168). Thanks !

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I appreciate the effort in the application, not seen much of you so far, so as of now, I am neutral.

Good luck.

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Heya! good staff application, pretty well written.

Haven't seen you ingame, so show your face more!

Neutral for now.

Good Luck!




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Havnt seen you alot but keep cracking on, show up ingame and help and you will be great man! neutral

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