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Money making Guide

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                                                                                                                            How do i make money on RW?

Hey and welcome to my money making method guide. This guide is both for new players and players who doesnt have money that begs but doesnt know how to make money. If thats what u came for, its the right place for you. So, How do we start making money? Feel free to add on the comment if there's anything i've missed to add. I'll edit it and add it to the topic.



The first time you'll do to earn some good money and doesnt require a lot is doing ::vote as u can see on the picture below there. (huge vouch to jake for helping me out on that picture since mine did not work)  Once you've done ::vote you'll need to be logged in on the website to continue. When you've done that you'll get to a website where you have to vote 4 websites. Each website detern 2 vote points each site. a69531a364bbe48b614db7f9d8cae6a9.png1a36c2cb67294cc56abc545fab7ce002.png

Once you've voted the 4 link you'll need to do ef2086095558730cc14bf4b951035804-png.jpg

And you'll recieve Double PK drops for 45min, 8 vote points, 6m gp + an Vote mystery box.

Just a great money making start just by Voting every 12 hours. So make sure to do that. 




A very good money making is by doing Daily achievements which is every 24 hours. There are 4 dailies remains different achievements and different difficulities but their very worthy and does not take very long to do and once you've completed the achievements u can obtain some very good reward just by doing the daily achievements. Once you've finished the 4 Daily Achievements you'll recieve a Red casket + Green casket and 10m cash. As you can see on the picture.



Another good money making is by Pking and killing your bounties hunter. For Each bounty kill you kill you'll recieve a mysterious emblem where u can upgrade it for better rewards. Here's an example on what u can get per PK kill.


There's 10 tiers on emblem as u can see on the picture 1e4cfa82334fefb6cfabc7e543d69ee7.png

You can obtain these kind of emblems by  having an tier 1 in ur inventories and killing your bounties. Once you've reached to tier 10 you can exchange it for 10k Wilderness point.


Once you've right clicked at him you can either open the store or sell your emblems as u can see on the picture 78aacf8900bf2c3623211482b2e392c8.png


The rewards by exchanging ur emblems are as followed on the picture. A very good money making method for players who's new and old player who doesnt have money and wanna earn some.



Last thing is doing Revenant

Revenant is a very great money making method and it has it own good and unique drop, just some basics how to get to revs. (Shoutout to my boy Jake for helping me out with the pictures since i could not afford it, Everyone say thank you to Jake <3)

First thing u do is Gearing up, I do have 2 pictures, One is for the low wealth for the people who can not afford the items + newcommers and the second is for the people who has a bit money and can afford a lil more items.


This picture as u can see are for the people who cant afford some money, Highly recommend to use.

Second picture for the people who has a some money to spend on the items.


How do you get to Revs? First thing u do after you've geared up is doing 68e74d2ec6def1483cd0f5630b1c9225.png

Once you've done that you will see a cave right front of u as u can see on the picture


Once you've entered to the Cave you'll need to run south, here's a picture of where to run once you've entered the cave


The average you'll get per hour is 12m cash which is very decent if you gonna grind a day on revs. Ofcourse the npcs drop items, if you're lucky you can get a vls or statius which is worth bank as you can see on the picture.


The prayer you'll need to have when you do revs is Melee and use mage protection as well. Here comes a picture on what you'll use for pray when it comes to revs f19824a6e2b1a97c53b767daff3c5927.png

Hope this guide will help you out, feel free too comment below if there's anything i'll need to add. Took me some hours to make which i putted my heart to. Huge vouch to @DIZ for helping me with the pictures on items which i couldnt afford to wear. Thank u bae.

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Great guide man and my pleasure to help you man glad i could be apart of such a great guide will defontly recomend this to new players! keep it my bae <3

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Quality for sure, other than PKing and killing revenants, I find just casually doing Slayer is profitable too. 

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Nice detailed guide :P Like David said, slayer is also a decent way to make money, also barraging creatures in catacombs, battle-mages in mage arena and thieving stalls after 75 is pretty awesome (take that from the guy with #1 in thieving haha).

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Great work with this guide, very helpful to newer players and even some of the more experienced ones.

Pinned, keep up the great work.

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Feel free to check this post , just gtotnna update this for new players. A new guide will come out soon. Stay tuned ^^

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