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Lustman Staff Application ^

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Posted (edited)

Whats ur IG name: Lustman

Whats ur Timezone? CEST


Hello, I just wanted to say thanks for giving us a chance for being an helper aka Server support. But lets start the intoduction about who i am , so you guys can know a lil bit more about me personally. So, Hey guys my name is Jacob or "Jack" if you wanna use that common nickname if soo feel free to do it which i dont mind as well or you could just call me Lustman. Im age of 19 turning 20 soon. I live in sweden and i play around  4-6 hours on weekday and when its weekend i usually play around 3-4 hours if i dont have nothing personal to handle which i usually dont. I've been playing Runescape and RSPS almost for 13 years. But when it comes to RSPS i've been playing it for almoast 9years, playing a lot of Runescape but my favourite server is Runewild which has grasped my intresst of all rsps servers out there. 

Any previous staff experience:

Unfortuantly, i do not have any previous staff experience because i never aimed for it and the only server i've been playing so far has been Runewild and Roatz pkz. But im an very educated person who learns fast and i would say personally that i have staff experience even tho i havent been staff on previous. So i find myself very good at it when players has asked me for help etc. 

 How long do you play Runewild daily for:

I've mentioned it on my introduction on how long im playing runewild daily but i can repeat it on here as well, i do play 4-6 hours on weekday and when it's not i play around 3-4 hours a day if i dont have any thats coming on my way , which usually dont happend.

 Why should you guys consider me as Server Support!

Here comes the main reason why YOU guys should consider me as a server support and here comes my reason why u guys should choose me. Why i think that u guys should choose me is because that im a very active player who loves to help new players which makes me happy to see and sometimes when im online i usually dont see a lot of Server helpers online which is very good for me to be there and help out people since i live in other timezone and im also not afraid of to say what's wrong if i see it ign. i want to apply for staff. Im a very social guy who loves to help people which makes me happy and thats the best thing i know. I also can take jokes, harsh criticism, truths when it comes to something about myself and try to improve myself from those if they're something negative about me.  I'm also the type of person that if i dont fully understands some certain things, i'll go to extra lenghts to further grasp and try to understand what it is. The best thing is about me is that i always solve things to the best of my ability and with a level-headed way.

If there's anything else thats needs to be added feel free to say it. Thanks.




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