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Wheelchairz - Le Return

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Hello all,


I am Wheelchairz, this is a re-introduction or rather return announcement of sorts.

Surely there will be some Veterans who remember me from either RSPSPK or LocoPK, even the start of RuneWild perhaps but for those who do not, I am a 21 year old lad who enjoys RSPS's, I natively speak Dutch although people often mistake me for an American due to the accent, I'm laid back (a bit of a downie at times, or at least I act like it lmao) anywhom, don't really wanna write a bible on who I am and my past on David's servers so I'll leave it at that, if you remember me hmu IG or anyone else for that matter I'm quite talkative :)


Sincerely, Wheelchairz.

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On 31-1-2020 at 2:24 PM, sweetcheeks said:

welcome back bro.


On 31-1-2020 at 3:07 PM, fux boy said:

Hey bro! Welcome back man. Feel free to pm anytime to chill or anything !


21 hours ago, Jellyy said:

Welcome back, hope you enjoy your stay :)


20 hours ago, Mahone said:

Welcomeback lad.


Enjoy ur stay ;)


1 hour ago, WlN said:

nice to have ya back mr wheels

Appreciate it y'all, also that profile picture though @winning B|

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On 2-2-2020 at 3:38 PM, Kylza said:

the days when sam was admin and me n u were high mods LMAO welcome back old brother

Thanks brother, the dynamic duo is back.

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