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Hello my name rayp hire me for admin please I am tremendously clever smart, funny and also, very cool guy you should employ for the betterment of your mental healths.


Thank you that is all my friends.

Edited by rayp

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Hello, I have played runewild for a long time, I know the rules of the game, I have never been banned or reported in the game, I really like runewild I play it since I was a child, now I am 19 I would like it, I am always active, my name in the game is Jose Papers, I was trying to max my acc in the game, and towards fp to have money for the most expensive skills, they cloned me after I stopped playing for 2 weeks and I returned to the game, and now I started to max max a little little by little, I would like to be a moderator, I would like to help in the game

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