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Runewild Best XP/HR

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This guide will only include the BEST XP/HR not requirements



 Woodcutting Woodcutting:   

Oak logs: 2.28m/hr (best for xp less afk)

Willow logs: 2.26m/hr (I would go for willows if you are going for xp as they are more afk than oaks)

Maple logs: 1.9m/hr

Yew logs: 1.9m/hr

Magic logs: 1.65m/hr (best for money/firemaking)



Crafting  Crafting:   

Uncut red topaz: 15m/hr (this deppends on your efficiency)



Agility Agility:   

Wilderness Agility Course: 5m/hr



Herblore  Herblore:

Saradomin brew: 10.3m/hr

Super combat potion: 8.4m/hr (not calculated with cleaning torstol)

Grimy torstol are 3k ea in shop, super combat sells for 4k ea in shop. Would not recommend doing super combats for money, and you can only make 7 each inventory.



Fishing  Fishing:

Salmon: 4.1m/hr (best for xp)

Anglerfish barb village: 1.1m/hr

Anglerfish resource area: 3m/hr (best for cooking and money PS: beware of pkers)



Cooking   Cooking:

Monkfish: 3.6m/hr (best spawnable fish)

Anglerfish: 5.5m/hr (best for xp and money if you fish them at resource area)



Firemaking  Firemaking:

Mahogany logs: 3.9m/hr (best spawnable logs)

Yew logs: 5m/hr (best cheapest logs)

Magic logs: 7.5m/hr (best for xp)



Slayer   Slayer:

Unfortunately it was hard to calculate xp/hr as it depends on your slayer task etc.

I would recommend doing kraken tasks as they are 320k xp per kill.

If you want to do it more afk you should barrage nechryals at catacombs.



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Very nice guide, a lot of time put into this. Thank you for doing this for us Q10 will be useful.

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Hey, not a bad guide buddy, Will definitely help out lots.


Cheers for the guide.

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