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RuneWild 10b + 100m OSRS PvP Tournament

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Saturday 1st at 8 PM GMT+1 I will be hosting a 10b prize fund NH Tournament with a 100m 07 bonus for first place!

The prizes will be:

1st: 5b + 100m 07

2nd: 2.5b

3rd: 1.5b

4th: 1b

The rules

 You and your opponent will fight in the duel arena with the gear pictured below, the winner will move forward.

NO SUBSTITUTIONS are allowed except for the ones specified below.

You must take an abyssal tentacle and dragon defender.

You may not bring an occult.

You may not bring any special weapon other than AGS

It is up to you to thoroughly check your opponents gear/inventory before entering the duel.

If you are caught using any items that aren't permitted, you will instantly forfeit.



The semi finals will be best of 3.

The finals will be best of 5.


The Gear

The gear for the tournament is pictured below. Below that will be a list of substitutions you can make.

The bolts used are "Dragonstone Dragon bolts (e)"


The following substitutions can be made

You may swap your mystic for other coloured mystics only.

You may swap your Staff of light for an UNCHARGED toxic staff of the dead.

You may swap your MA2 cape for another colour.

You may use ornament kits on jewellery/boots/defender


How to enter

To enter this tournament, you must join the following discord link: https://discord.gg/uNjCd232dz

You must go to the channel labelled "tournament-signup"

You must type: In-game name: followed by your name, for example


You have until 7:30 PM GMT +1 to enter this tournament, at which point the channel will be locked and the bracket started.


After doing this, you will be added to a list and then placed in a bracket 10 minutes before the tournament starts.

DO NOT enter more than once.

DO NOT type anything else in the channel other than the format or you will be instantly banned from the server and removed from the tournament.

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