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AIO Wilderness Boss Guide

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Please note: This guide is a work in progress, I only posted it because I don't see a way to create a draft topic. Any feedback is appreciated and encouraged, Thanks!

Last updated: 17/06/2021, 0.02 added Callisto


The Wilderness is a high-risk / high-reward area in Runewild, here you'll find majority of the bosses and they drop a fortune of items. As mentioned this comes at a high-risk with pkers always hunting for individuals to kill, and also teams of pkers who will take you down if you're caught in a multi-combat area. Whenever entering the wilderness it's important you understand that you don't bring anything you cannot afford to lose. Deceitful players will attempt to skull trick you and you may lose your more valuable items. 

This guide will outline important information about the wilderness, such as multi-combat areas, where the bosses are located, what gear to fight each boss and their mechanics. 


The Wilderness Map



In the map above you can see the multi-combat areas highlighted in red, also where all the wilderness bosses are located. Some of these areas such as Callisto, Vet'ion, Venenartis, Scorpia are located in multi-combat areas and are very risky when you attempt to kill them. Although bosses such as Corporal Beast and Zulrah are located in the wilderness, their chambers are not in the wilderness - See their specific section for more information.


Vet'ion Vet-ion-thumb.png



Vet'ion is combat level 454, located in 34 wilderness inside of a multi-combat area, caution when fighting this boss as it's an active hotspot for teams to teleblock you and therefore you have to tank to the ditch. As always when entering the wilderness, don't bring anything you cannot afford to lose. In this overview you'll be shown how to find Vet'ion, what gear and supplies is recommended and the mechanics he uses. 


Gear & Inventory

The gear below is an example of what to bring, as always when entering the wilderness don't bring anything you cannot afford to lose. The gear ranges from recommended to welfare, you can always use the OSRS BIS Gear web-app to see what to switch and substitute.

  • 2x Range potion
  • 12x Saradomin brews (4)
  • 2x Sanfew Serums (4)
  • 6x Super Restore potions (4)
  • 1x Stamina potion (4)
  • 4x Anglerfish
  • Grand seed pod




Getting to Vet'ion, Mechanics & Drops

There are many ways to get to Vet'ion, two of the most efficient ways are both risky because these are hotspots for pkers and they are teleports where players will frequently come and go.

Using ::chins is ultimately the fastest but at a cost, it's above 30 wilderness and you cannot teleport away, where as ::graves is a more safer alternative but requires a longer trek to get to Vet'ion, if using ::chins simply run east, when using ::graves run north-east. Refer to the map below. Vet'ion is a fairly simple boss to fight, his attack is a AOE magic attack with a max hit of 46. To put it straight forward, move a few tiles from where you were standing soon as he starts his animation. Even with the welfare setup listed above, he is very fast to kill and isn't very hard at all. Vet'ions valuable drops are the Blade of Saeldor, Korasi's sword and on a much more rare chance, pet Vet'ion.


vet-how-to.png vet-gof.gif vet-drops.png



Callisto  thumb.png



Callisto is combat level 470, located in 42 wilderness inside of a multi-combat area south of Demonic Ruins, always remember don't bring items you cannot afford to lose. Callisto has high defense stats and is immune to magic spells, Callisto is best beaten with melee but also can be fought with range, he has a max hit of 60 using the special shockwave. Lets talk about Gear & Inventory. 


Gear & Inventory

The gear below is an example of what to bring, as always when entering the wilderness don't bring anything you cannot afford to lose. In the setup below there is a recommended and welfare build, it may also be beneficial to lower your combat stats to avoid maxed pkers from attacking you. Alternatively you can bring magic defense gear to try to tank to the level 30 line and teleport away (assuming you didn't get teleblocked).

  • 2x Super combat potions
  • 12x Saradomin brews (4)
  • 2x Sanfew Serums (4)
  • 5x Super Restore potions (4)
  • 1x Stamina potion (4)
  • 3x Anglerfish
  • Grand seed pod
  • Rune pouch - Vengence
  • Ring of wealth (i)




Getting to Callisto, Mechanics & Drops

The fastest way to Callisto is simply talking to the Ancient Wizard -> Wilderness -> Fountain of Rune and running slightly north-west. Soon as you're here, pray melee and keep an eye on your surroundings. Although Callisto's mechanics aren't difficult it's common to get stacked out by Callisto's attack accommodated with a pker's barrage. Keep your health above 70 and you'll be okay. Callisto will occasionally use his special being the shockwave this is his 60 max hit, his hits aren't always accurate but when he hits, it hits hard. Callisto's valuable drops are the Dinh's bulwark valued at 165M and Korasi's sword valued at 700M, and on the rarer chance as Pet Cub Callisto. 

gettinngthere.gif melee-gif.gif range-gif.gif






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10 hours ago, Blew said:

So far it seems good, keep it updated. :) 


6 hours ago, Eternals said:

Looking good sir, Keep it up with your great work! :P


2 hours ago, KGANGSHOOTER said:

Looks good man good stuff.


Thanks heaps guys! I'll continuously keep this updated and add more monsters

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