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125b NH Tournament

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Nh tournament. The event will hosted on Sunday at 5PM GMT. 29/05/2022

This event will take place in the duel arena. To enter this event you will need to sign up for the event. To do so you will need to reply to this thread with the name of the account that you will be using.

Once you have died you will be knocked out of the event. The gear will not be supplied by the moderator or any other player, you will need to bring your own gear to take part in the event.

U have till 5PM GMT to reply to this forums post with ur ign or it will not count.

1 account per human being.

There will be three tournaments this weekend, for the total prize of 125b!


Friday: Dharok's

Saturday: Pure MSB

Sunday: Nh tournament

Gear and inventory setup



Bring same layout as shown on the picture ( Ornament kits are allowed, spec weapon must be an Armadyl godsword if you don't have one you can't compete)
If you are found cheating you will be disqualified.
If you bring gear better than what is in the picture you will be disqualified.

 Bring same gear/supplies as shown on the picture, invos can be swapped around bottom/top switch, Ornament kits are allowed,

special weapon MUST be an Armadyl godsword;

1st: 20b(Ford fiesta)
2nd: 10b(giga chance)
3rd: 5b(wah wah wah)


Thank you to all the sponsors of the tournament

Lim- 83b

Prometheus- Torva set


Jaxson- 10 ultra m boxs

Eat my dds -6.5b

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