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Luu - Staff/Support Application

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About yourself?

  • What's your in-game username? - Luu
  • What is your timezone? - Eastern Time Zone
  • What is your playtime? - 41 days, and 9 hours.
  • Tell us a little about your gaming history. - I've played OSRS since I was 12 years old. I am currently 28 years of age. In those 16 years I have had many different types of experiences. I've been apart of a pretty large OSRS clans Staff Team, (managing Clan Event's, such as boss of the week/Skill of the week, Giveaways, Ect.) . I have also been a co owner of another OSRS clan, Managing the clans discord, the clans events, and the clans cc, making sure to come up with anything that could possibly grow and benefit the team in any way I could. 
  •  Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? -I would love to be apart of RuneWild Staff/Support team, because I feel that I would be great addition, I am very thoughtful, helpful and I'm truly passionate about any type of responsibilities that I've ever been set to have. I want to be able to give my advice to the rest of the team on any perspectives I have that would benefit this server, such as Ideas on new content, Events, Ect. I have a personality that is very likable, I am a very driven, positive person. If given the opportunity, I have the potential to be a great asset to the team. I'd love to be able to help sort out any rules being broken, such as racism, botting, RWT, scamming and many many more problems this server is facing. 
  • Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: Pros and Cons.  Starting off with the pros :  I would like to start off by mentioning that I truly love to help anyone who needs any assistance on here. I have spent many hours in "help cc", but lately I've spent more time in "unity cc" , helping with any questions that might have. Also, a good thing about me when helping people is I try to answer questions in a way that prevents them from having to ask more questions, for example : "Player : Where can I find moss giants? Me : Go to the spirit tree @::home and type in any monster you're searching for and it will give you all the options for all locations with that feature". I have spent countless hours teaching players that come to me wanting to learn the boss "Nex". Every one of them have become really good at doing small teams these days. I feel as if I am someone that people look up to on this server as well, so I do my best at being a role model to new players.  I'd Like to add that being apart of the Staff Team isn't because of the status, It's because I've found love for this server and its community. I spend every day of my weekends playing this server, making gains on my account and trying my best to help anyone I can. Another thing I'd like to add is that having the wealth I have on here which isn't a lot to the players who control the eco but a lot to me,  I love being able to spread my wealth throughout the community with drop Parties and Hide and seeks and other fun activities, solely because I love seeing other players get excited and happy knowing there are good solid people on here that aren't greedy and love to spread the joy. I want to be able to show everyone that with my previous experience with OSRS and the Clans, Discords I've ran and Staff teams I've been apart of, that I can bring all of those skills to the table and be the best Support Team member I can possibly be. Cons : The only language I am fluent in is English. but I know there are many mods and staff that are fluent in the languages that a lot of the others players speak, so I feel that downside could be overlooked. I do not know every single thing about this server but every day I learn something new to be able to help others with. I work a job that only allows me to be online on the weekdays from 4pm-11pm EST. Another Con is that I've yet to post anything on the forums besides this application, but I assure you I will be working on new content and guides to post on the forums in the near future!
  • I would like to add that I have been asked by several friends of mine that are Moderators here, to simply put in an application because they feel I would be a perfect fit. 
  • Thank you all for reading this long application! please comment with any constructive criticism. I am very open minded. Thank you to all of my friends and everyone else who has pushed me to apply for this position!  Much love to everyone! - Luu 
Edited by Luu
I'd noticed I left out a word that would help clarify the topic I was explaining

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id love to see you get the mod role you def deserve it!! I personally have seen you helping tons of people and have always been respectful and good energy ! GOODLUCK


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So I never comment on the forums, but when I found out Luu was applying for staff, I couldn’t help but want to see him succeed. When I first met luu, he took time out of his day to teach me to Pk as I’ve literally never done it in my 15 years of playing. Anytime I’ve messaged him needing a friend to talk to, or help with something, he has never ever ever not helped or explained in full what he knows about my question, he’s humble, kind, and treats everybody that I’ve seen him talk to, in a very kind helpful manner, and if someone were to ask me, I’d say he is everything a staff member should be, and more. Please consider him!

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