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    Basilisk Knight Basilisk Knights are located at Jormungand's Prison's dungeon; these monsters are level 204. To kill these effectively, players must wear either a Mirror Shield to avoid your stats being drained, and will essentially mean less effective kills. Although a higher level, these monsters are not entirely difficult to kill. They will use either magic or melee attacks depending on which attack style you choose to use. Basilisk Knights use a special attack to where they will hit you with a pale-red coloured orb, locking you into a stone block. This special attack does not cause the player to sustain damage; however, it does freeze you and leave you unable to attack, this can often stack up leaving you stuck until the effect wears off. To avoid being held, you must look for the special attack and move out of its way. Usually, 1-tile will do the trick. If you are ranging or using magic, it is recommended that you use protection from magic to avoid being hit with their magic attack. I also advise to stand outside of the door, to prevent melee damage, however, if you aim to use melee, you should be careful as they can be annoying to kill at times. How to get to the Basilisk Knights; Edgevile's teleport Wizard Then press "Jormungand's Prison" and follow the most southern path, shown here.
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