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    I would love to see some adjustment to the appearance of the Diamond rank on the forums : To be truthful as it is the current forum appearance is underwhelming for a $5.000 rank to say the least in comparison to the appearance of other ranks, ofcourse the original forum rank appearances and pips were done prior to Diamond being introduced so that's a bit hard unless there's still contact with the Graphics Designer who made the first set of forum pips but a themed colour (Example, Diamond blue) to it would be a nice start to at least highlight the current most expensive rank, doesn't have to be extremely flashy but would love to see the rank stand out more than it does now! @David I could definitely send some solid and reliable Graphics Designers your way if needed. A slight buff to the Mystery Boxes : Throughout the process of reaching the Diamond rank, me and @Himiko Togahad accumulated and opened roughly 3.000 (a little less) Mystery Boxes, we opened them in bulk amounts and received a single Jackpot out of thousands of dollars in Mystery Boxes.. while all the other drops are relatively nice with the occasional troll drop, I would like to see a slight increase for the Ultra Rare drops, not a tremendous or drastic amount but a minor buff would be nice. Dragon & Infernal Harpoon : Just a nice addition I would love to see being added to RuneWild, we have the Infernal Axe and Pickaxe so definitely wouldn't hurt implement these in addition to complete the Dragon and Infernal tool set with the correct passive effect ofcourse, plus it's OSRS content so I see no reason not to add these. Defence Formula and/or Accuracy Formula : While I am not opposed to a combat system that is quote on quote 'new player friendly' which isn't a bad thing at all, balance is fine but I do think it becomes an issue when more often then not people in actual spawnables smack people around with best-in-slot equipment which could happen regardless it's RNG, but when it happens as consistent as it does as of right now I do think it's problem, don't misunderstand there should be a balance so new users aren't demoralized during their first RuneWild ventures and leave, but I also believe those of us who have invested the time and effort to achieve that advantage shouldn't be punished too hard for it. Range & Mage : I could have mentioned this in the previous one, but I rather seperate the two.. frankly and I'm sure anyone who partakes in the Hybrid and NH aspect of Player vs Player can agree with Range being far too powerful as it hits constant 20s / 30s on Prayer w/Tank on, I could run a cheese setup (view picture) and bolt someone through their Justiciar w/Elysian and overheads, Mage on the other hand damage output wise is fine, but I do feel like I splash far too much with the setup I usually have (view picture). Sincerely, Wheelchairz.
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    I gotta say that i really like the effort put into this. I also agree on most of the suggestions you've made. +1 from me keep them coming! 👌🏽