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  1. Thought I deleted, BUT I FOUND

    this is FUCKING GOLD! how did I not see this back when I was playin rspspk ! lmfaooooooo
  2. Vibes 1b giveaway

    ign: Networth.. hopefully wasn't too late!
  3. High risk video 1B+ LOOT + GIVEAWAY

    giveaway loc ?

    Denmark.. I want my 20m back.. kappa
  5. Continued Future Of RW

    This is more of a generalized topic for the Owner and or any Higher Up staff who have anything to do with Growth or Advertisements for the Server (No Hate). So I have been enjoying this server so much since the re release and it's nice to see a steady 60+ on at peak time and an actual (some what) deep wilderness scene for the little bit of players here. But my concern is, like last time, the 60-80 player peak time hype lasted about 2 or 3 weeks then slowly declined. Just would like to know what is going to be different now and what advertisements are going to be done i.e. ( BIG RSPS YOUTUBERS, Maybe a Big 07 PK Based YouTuber, Would suggest toplist adverts but i see our banner nice and big there.) Just would like to hear from the higher ups what we have in store to make this server continue to grow and flourish and be like all of Davids other great servers. Feedback would be awesome! LIKE I SAID BEFORE THIS IS NOT.MEANT TO BRING.ANY NEGATIVITY OR HATE JUST WOULD LIKE TO HEAR WHAT'S IN STORE FOR THE QUALITY OF LIFE AND FUTURE OF THE SERVER :] THANKS FOR READING!
  6. buying items

    He got some good drops then did a riskfights of 250m and won