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  1. Sarzock's Application

    What's your in-game username? - yw What is your timezone? - Central USA What is your playtime? - https://gyazo.com/dfbb563da341f08b7387c1c15b0764e6 Tell us a little about your RSPS history. - I ran a server called beastlypker, we had about 100 playerbase. Then i was a mod on RogueX. Been playing rsps' in general since they first opened, and you had to go and type the ip into the webclient and sign in that way..... Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - I feel as though there are certain times that im on and there is not an available staff member, and would love to be that guy who is able to be on when others are not. I feel as though I'm a nice and understanding guy who just wants the server to be a place i'd want my child to be able to log into and enjoy his time without having to deal with people like Tyler(torture) on a day to day basis. Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: have been playing since before the first mage bank event between ratlords/legion/elvy.. i know almost everything you need to know about the server and am very interested in partaking in the staff team of RuneWild.
  2. HEFE's DOX

    Figured this would be the spot to put this.
  3. State of legion

    Wow i wasnt really wondering, but this makes sense...
  4. Dharok Pking - Double AGS Giveaway! -

    Decent vid i guess im joking nice vid bud, good luck all on giveaway
  5. Gp/hr - Safe Zone Npc's

    Gonna bump this as I find it very useful for new players. Should probably keep this thread at the top and moved to guides. For sure
  6. Donator Island/Rank Suggestions

    i sent this to David on discord but I’ll formally post it here to make me look more active on the forums. give us reg/super donators a way to make semi decent money safely rather than being hounded 24/7 in the wilderness by teams. Maybe a money who drops small cash stacks like magic axes but have a rare drop of like 500k-2m or something. Would give us an incentive to actually use the island for reasons other than selling/buying runewild gold without being hassled by mods(total joke btw)
  7. buying items

    Curious as to how you got all this gold. Plz pm tips. Thanks
  8. AIO Bosses Guide

    Nice guide. You forgot to mention the guide on how to clear the teams that camp revs and mage arena. But don’t worry I’ll have that guide in video format shortly on a serious note, great guide! Good format and all! 10/10
  9. Hi I’m Sarzock

    Hello players of Runewild, As the title states. I’m Sarzock, I was told to get known around the community if I want a chance for staff so here’s my attempt. If you need any help my fax machine is always available also pm for my mailing address and you can send me letters and other things if you need help in game or whatever. I usually can reply back within 3-5 business days. I sometimes accept toll free phone calls but that’s usually on the weekends. I’ll also give that toll free number out in the pms. However if you realllllllly need urgent help and I’m not in game or your letter/fax hasn’t arrived at my cardboard box yet, you can always find me chillin on discord. However I won’t be giving that out on here as like I stated in my mod apply, I play dawntained and I’d most likely spam you the link to download it and that’ll end up getting me banned from here. So long story short. I’m Sarzock, Nice to know you lot have no lives and actually read to this point. Might as well like the post now. I’ll giveaway my bank if it hits 50 likes . Hehehe alpha. Good byeeeeee
  10. Finally, Look at this !

    Wow grats on the blowpipe dude!
  11. Dragon Claws obtain

    Disagree, Vorkath spawning every 2 hours gives players and clans more than enough of an opportunity to get claws to bring them into eco. Having another constant boss that brings them into the game will only hurt the economy in the long run.
  12. Donator Island/Rank Suggestions

    Donators should also get more vote points from voting. Maybe get a small discount from wildy point store? maybe... The Island should include Skilling spot of course, including spot for anglers and such... NPCs we can kill for gold/smaller items like whip, rings, and things of that nature,,, with a very low chance at "rares"... can make whatever you want have that low drop rate. Maybe give donators the ability to teleport directly to some bosses, not all of course.