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  2. Inspired by Cata

    What a great way on fuck up the eco, lets all just spam the forums for some free stuff people already donated for ingame
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  4. Suggestions

    Thanks for your nonsense feedback
  5. Suggestions

    Add a XP lamp for skilling through the vote store, XP lamps can be used on skills to receive a certain amount of XP. The higher donator rank you have the more XP you will gain from using the lamp. Add more stuff to ::di, ::sdi, ::sdi place is pretty scuffed so it would be cool with sdi at some other coordinates. Add a system yell, whenever someone becomes a donator for the first time or upgrade their donator it shows up a text as a server yell. Example " Pontus has been promoted to Donator" Add some kind of login rewards, every 7 days (1 week) you receive a certain amount like 2m the first day logging in, second day 3m, 3rd day 4m etc etc the 7th day (last day) like a super mbox or something. After 7 days it will be new rewards or same rewards but it resets the days so you have to start over again Fix the zoom + / -
  6. Bossing / Multi Pk Team!

    Accepted, Add me on discord Pontus#9597
  7. Bossing / Multi Pk Team!

    Accepted, add Pontus#9597 on discord
  8. Bossing / Multi Pk Team!

    Accepted, Pm me on discord Pontus#9597
  9. Bossing / Multi Pk Team!