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  1. Demonic Gorillas [Donators]

    A possible change to the area where you find the demonic gorillas in the donators dungeon. Change the area from multi to single so donators could actually use the place for pvm.
  2. I've decided to become #1 skiller.

    still waiting for you to trade me my addy bars.
  3. Donator (BOND)

    I've got a double feeling about this... Its a great way to have some kind of fair money sink to the economy / Also unfair because some people have bills to stock on membership. Players that have been around for a while have required their membership status for mostly 1 reason only... the restoration pool, so this effort and money being invested into the rank is pretty much being nullified and seems like a smack in the face it feels like. Knowing you could possibly feel more safe in deepwild because teams may have to wait longer to recharge special attacks to dump on people is a good thing... BUT with the current economy this will probably not be a realistic thing to hope for since most people can afford it. I think the bond system is a very good concept but the way it nullifies all current donator ranks achieved seems a little dramatic to me. If anyone has good ideas on how the bond system could be used, feel free to share because change starts with you.
  4. New 1 hour loot video!

    Try out battlemages, you'll make 3x more
  5. video

  6. Brideo 14

  7. Great, losing my spec pool perks now? great effort for all the donators that have sponsored in the past for spec recharging. What a waste...
  8. Make rsps great again.

  9. first runewild video, enjoy

    dont speed up your clips mate, keep it up though
  10. Thought I deleted, BUT I FOUND

    l0000000000000000l Edgah OG 2012 homie
  11. old & new clips

  12. Youtube Rank Application.

    Friendly lad, definitely worthy of the rank, non toxic gamer