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  1. staff application- elve mage

    cheers for the feedback man, specifically what more would you like to see in the application?
  2. staff application- elve mage

    cheers homie much appreciated
  3. staff application- elve mage

    yeah, have done altered the application and tried to add a bit as to why i feel i should be part of the team. thanks for the feedback.
  4. ign: elve mage timezone: gmt playtime: 8 days i have previously been a supporter on another server but have been a respected member of many rsps'. i would like to be a part of the runewild team of staff as i have been playing the server since it was originally loco pk and have played on a couple of different accounts since it has been runewild alongside i mahutma i as my irl mate. i also believe i have a good understanding of the rules and try my best to keep every member of the community happy, interact with everybody fairly and help out where i can. i also would like to be a member of the rune wild staff as i believe there needs to be more staff members with different time zones so there is at least 1-2 staff members active all the time, which having an English time zone, i would be able to be active when staff members from other countries i.e. America would not necessarily be active.increased activity from me would be achievable as i have just finished school and am now able to spend a lot more time on the server supporting people and settling any problems that may occur or diffuse situations between other player before they arise.