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  1. Cu Veteran Rank App

    Thanks brothers. Many great memories to continue to make!
  2. Cu Veteran Rank App

    You must have atleast 50 posts on the forums. 26 but very active on discord. Account creation must be atleast 12 months old. Since the start baby. Your past 30 days play time must be atleast 50 hours. Easily. No severe punishments in the past 90 days. No punishments besides miscommunication and fixed. No past toxic behavior. No toxic here baby.
  3. Big list of suggs

    Add teleport to chest holder? How about let’s not that would be so overpowered. They already have it showing where they are at. The point is for the chest grabber to survive on reasonable terms not go against people teleing in and out to them. Non sense. Think about things before you try and suggest.
  4. Donator Island

    He’s saying $15 isn’t enough to get any benefits. $5 is enough to deserve benefits. Donating any amount deserves benefits pretty much kid. Sit down with your moms credit card.
  5. HighRisk Fighting + Staking + GIVEAWAY

    nice video man! very entertaining!

    still don't see how I ended up with Iran haha
  7. First RuneWild Video! - GIVEAWAY

    Good tour the of the server man. Good luck to your channel as well.
  8. Yes, It's the Z. ^.^

    What is that?

    Nice switches man!
  10. Deepwild teleport cooldown

    I went back and re-read this. This needs to be updated immediately with any other next update due to the nature of it being overpowered for kids tagging as stated. As well as the bounty hunter spell being unlimited uses at a fee of nothing. Teleportation back into the Wild should be a timer of 15 seconds and the bounty hunter location spell should have a scroll fee that costs 300-500k bm each use.
  11. remove duel arena limit

    I support the limit. Clears the home area from kids complaining about duel arena being rigged. Somewhat.
  12. How to start out on RW (pk version)

    Please don’t ever do this again ?
  13. Achievement Diary

    I think they are fine. I also think maybe implementing an actual permanent achievement list could due as well. Could have the achievement diary separated with the daily achievements. Easy to hard.

    We all know this ?