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    1. y am i muted and for how long?


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      unlocked me my email

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      Nose PKear

      i need mi email unlocked please


    everyone I talk 2 always wants bj tables to be with cash too. No one wants to buy credits just to gamble they want blood money. I feel like you should make it where u could do credits and blood money because no one is going to do credits and makes bj tables pointless, whats the point in a bj table if u could play 100 blackjack because there is only 1 person putting in credits. Ive only seen it once where there were 2 ppl playing bj and the second person put 5 credits. So pls change it where u can do both :D.
  3. vorkath

    i was going to say put vorkath in singles but then only 1 person can attack it because its not multi
  4. vorkath

    I would love to fight vorkath on its own and whenever and make it its own boss. For solo players like me it is inpossible to kill vorkath because of clans. Vorkath is almost removed out of the game with me and i would love to fight it 1v1 in its own area but i cant . I would like a new central boss that is nerfed due to 50 person clans hitting it at once.
  5. tb fixing

    I was in the wild fighting chaos elemental in 50 wild. I got tbed and ran off till 30 wild and lost the pker i ran out of run and i still had about 4 mins on the timer for tb, I tried re logging but it did not work my tb was still there, I logged off and when i came back on to play again I still had the tb timer on. It took me about 3 mins to walk from 30 wild to safety. Please fix this and suggestion is make it like osrs where u logg off and tb is off or find a better way. Thank you