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  1. Staff Application - Foster

    Seen you all over the game, mostly in help cc, always responding etc. You should get the opportunity, keep doing what you are doing right now! Support!
  2. Staff vs The World Event

    easy for staff, no cap.
  3. Niccs Definitive Skilling Guide

    Jesus, this is insane. Amazing to say the least
  4. Vortex Staff Application

    Heya! good staff application, pretty well written. Haven't seen you ingame, so show your face more! Neutral for now. Good Luck!
  5. My d00d Corp Beast

    You can duo it super easily, probably easy to solo with full cannon aswell. Don't think corp should become easier.
  6. Nice vid mate, mad good 1v3 haha.
  7. Wizard 9

    Welcome mate. Enjoy your stay
  8. staff application

    Hey, thanks for writing. I see you doing lots of work over yell and help cc. Could write some more on your staff application. Other than that you got my support. GL! +1
  9. Mining Guide

    Will use this for efficiency, very helpful! Thenks
  10. J's Staff Application

    Very kind guy, has stuff you need to work on (you are aware). Know you have the capability to do it. Seems like you put alot of time into your application, well written. Neutral for now.
  11. in-sane to say the least! extremely good work
  12. Niccs 45 Def Ironman Progress Log!

    literal monster, ur insane man!