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  1. staff application

    Hey, thanks for writing. I see you doing lots of work over yell and help cc. Could write some more on your staff application. Other than that you got my support. GL! +1
  2. Mining Guide

    Will use this for efficiency, very helpful! Thenks
  3. J's Staff Application

    Very kind guy, has stuff you need to work on (you are aware). Know you have the capability to do it. Seems like you put alot of time into your application, well written. Neutral for now.
  4. in-sane to say the least! extremely good work
  5. Niccs 45 Def Ironman Progress Log!

    literal monster, ur insane man!
  6. Week V, VI & VII KOTH Winner: Gambinos

    gz to the boys. Always #1
  7. Staff Update 1/22/2019

    yeeer, let's goo!
  8. Third week's KOTH Winner: Hentai Gang

    i hope to see the #hentai mansion soon @repmygang123
  9. easy AFK money guide

    I would definitely recommend this for new/returning players. This is the way to go! Very nice guide overall aswell!
  10. Add Kalphite Queen

    Would be cool, pet is obtainable through pet boxes though.
  11. Hello

    Welcome buddy, enjoy your stay!
  12. Second week's KOTH Winner: Gambinos

    2 Weeks in a row, impressive!
  13. Updated NPC locations Guide

    Really well done, also shoutout the brother @B
  14. First Week's KOTH Winner: Gambinos

    was easy for the boys.