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  1. I was robbed

    Try asking for help via a ticket or the helpdesk on our discord server.
  2. Hybriding Shuffle 2020

    nice video flash2: fuck nigga
  3. Major suggestions via Forums

    bumping for attention.
  4. Fux Boy introduction

    welcome back, best of luck!
  5. Watch Duel Teleport.

    Pretty sure it's added next update.
  6. Jelly Bean's Staff application

    Congratulations, best of luck. Locked.
  7. Rodeo ride

  8. Suggestions

    I like them all, the only tweak I'd suggest is that untradeables should only have a CHANCE of breaking.
  9. I agree with the updates, I'll speak to rayp and see if he minds me editing this post to keep it marginally more up to date.
  10. Jelly Bean's Staff application

    Good application, you seem like you deserve a chance. Just keep up the good work.
  11. server is down?

    Server is ONLINE. Locked.
  12. Forgot bank pin

    Try this. Locked.