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  1. Sync's Staff Application :D

    How's your relationship with Himiko currently?
  2. rudolf app

  3. Wise Old-Man Staff Application

    One bad day is all it takes to damage a server's reputation, and a rogue mod isn't something we want happening. Maybe take some time, and then reapply.
  4. Staff Application

    Would have liked to seen a bit more depth in the application, however right now I'm leaning towards a +1. Jump in help cc.
  5. HCIMortem | Staff Application

    Speaking purely about you as an individual, you seem like you know your stuff, I can't say I've noticed you helping much, but that might just be me. Neutral for now.
  6. Wildy Diversity

    Black d'hide the best armour in-game tho
  7. Wildy Diversity

    PKing needs to be made less influential, and PvM should be more so, easier drops on certain items, like GWD gear and Zulrah would mean more affordable options for the majority.
  8. Winning 6ixth cc 200m NH inners

  9. Staff Application

    Can't support, and the reasons are the same as the above.
  10. RuneWild Shenanigans 1.0

    Nice work brother.
  11. Staff Application

    Would like to know more about you, but other than that I like what I see.
  12. Staff application

    Like Death says I don't see much of you in a helping capacity, although I do believe you're more than capable.
  13. Slapping hybrids

    very nice video my man.
  14. Focus Me's Staff Application

    Haven't seen much of you as far, will keep an eye.
  15. Ironman Suggestions

    Support for the BTW gang.