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  1. Aries GFX Shop

    I have unlocked this topic for you.
  2. Washed up's Veteran title

  3. 7Sins Returns

    Best of luck.
  4. LADS

    Welcome to Rw bro, you've made some good progress so far!
  5. Speaking another langauge

    At the end of the day, rules are rules. We have actively worked to seek out some Spanish-speaking moderators to make this rule less strict, however, we haven't had much success in that regard, we cannot moderate languages we don't speak so we ask everyone to use English. The easiest way to not receive an infraction is just to follow the rules, if you have a general grievance with a member of staff's decisions then please make a report on said member of staff, however I'm sure that just like me, none of our staff enjoy muting people, it takes effort and means we have to go out of our way to make the game less enjoyable for someone else.
  6. Account jailed for false RWT

  7. CoX Solo No Food

    wow ur good mane
  8. Skilling in Runewild

    We wanna see skilling outfits.diary gear etc, would be dope.
  9. Highrisk video 30b+ pked (arcane giveaway)

    wa wa wee wa
  10. mikki - vet rank

    vouch btw
  11. Sounds like a fun idea.
  12. mikki - vet rank

    Will forward.
  13. Here i am!

    Welcome to the server!
  14. Blackhats veteran application

    I'll forward this on brother, nice to see you here.
  15. Hp's Suggestions List

    I have a dwarven helmet, I think it's really rare though, I'd take some ultra's from David and he can remove it haha.