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  1. lil toe Staff Application

    Yes, without a doubt.
  2. CoX Solo No Food

    wow ur good mane
  3. Skilling in Runewild

    We wanna see skilling outfits.diary gear etc, would be dope.
  4. Highrisk video 30b+ pked (arcane giveaway)

    wa wa wee wa
  5. mikki - vet rank

    vouch btw
  6. Sounds like a fun idea.
  7. mikki - vet rank

    Will forward.
  8. Here i am!

    Welcome to the server!
  9. Blackhats veteran application

    I'll forward this on brother, nice to see you here.
  10. Hp's Suggestions List

    I have a dwarven helmet, I think it's really rare though, I'd take some ultra's from David and he can remove it haha.
  11. Antidrag bug

    Forgive me if I'm being dumb, but I'm sure 50 is the maximum amount of resistance, but it's not anti-drag, try ::antidrag instead for similar behaviour to OSRS as it says.
  12. voting bug

    Turn your VPN off, vote, and then turn your VPN back on.
  13. Hp's Suggestions List

    Support all aside from Divine.
  14. Damage Control Clan Recruitment

    Best of luck boys!
  15. Casket guide

    the gravediggers played me