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  1. Twerkie Vet Application

    Give him it ty.
  2. I’m Back!

    WB xx
  3. Finn/Lmprovise’s Staff app

    You do not meet the requirements. Please apply in the future.
  4. Stay Blessed's Vet App

    Meets the requirements, just gonna keep an eye on you and see how things transpire.
  5. Shelbs 4 Staff

    Don't see why not if I'm being honest.
  6. eroor connecting

    There's just been an update earlier this morning, the server is not down. If you're having issues, close your clients and clear RuneWild from your C:drive, and then attempt to reinstall.
  7. Nicc - Staff Application

    Based on your previous history, yes.
  8. Returning Player needs advice

    - Sell your vote tickets - Train slayer and safe PvM - once you earn 250m, pay for a rank in plague caln chat - Farm revenants and attend the other events around the wilderness
  9. RW Blackjack's GFX Shop

    I have unlocked this topic for you.
  10. Washed up's Veteran title

  11. 7Sins Returns

    Best of luck.
  12. LADS

    Welcome to Rw bro, you've made some good progress so far!
  13. Speaking another langauge

    At the end of the day, rules are rules. We have actively worked to seek out some Spanish-speaking moderators to make this rule less strict, however, we haven't had much success in that regard, we cannot moderate languages we don't speak so we ask everyone to use English. The easiest way to not receive an infraction is just to follow the rules, if you have a general grievance with a member of staff's decisions then please make a report on said member of staff, however I'm sure that just like me, none of our staff enjoy muting people, it takes effort and means we have to go out of our way to make the game less enjoyable for someone else.