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  1. mute

    Please appeal here - https://www.runewild.com/forums/forum/52-appeal-for-your-offence/ Locked.
  2. good music + nh clips

    Fair play to you.
  3. Event: Scavenger Hunt

    Interesting idea, best of luck everyone.
  4. rudra u know hot
  5. It's a ban appeal, so you will need an administrator to help you. It takes as long as it takes, although I will ensure Prestige and Nick know about this. Locked.

    Wrong section, no format, locked.
  7. Nice video man, good shit.
  8. Top ego, top switching pker(never again)

    Nice work.
  9. IM SIR MK =)

    You'll need to follow the proper format and be much more detailed if you are serious about becoming a member of the team.
  10. Staff Application - Foster

    Very rarely do I support an applicant from the get-go, but in this situation, it's obvious you should get the opportunity. Support.
  11. Hello

    Hey brother, welcome to RuneWild.
  12. account muted

    Appeal here - https://www.runewild.com/forums/forum/52-appeal-for-your-offence/ please use the appropriate format.