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  1. Staff Registration: Predazerker

    Potential, I want to see more of you in-game though.
  2. Ethan's staff app v2

    Accepted, congratulations.
  3. I Know Abu Server Support Application

    Application is not sufficient, please edit your post and rewrite your application.
  4. Neko Neko Nii

    this guy gives good top no cap.
  5. Nice video brother, keep up the good work.
  6. a map for wilderness

    Are you talking about the heat map, from RSPSPK, or something totally different, there are already a few guides which explain the wilderness and it's intricacies.
  7. My d00d Corp Beast

    I get where you're coming from, however, as of this moment, the Elysian spirit shield is the end game item, and so it should be incredibly difficult to achieve.
  8. biggest rebuild !!! must see

    what the fuck, good job brother.
  9. Back from a retirement bridding

  10. Zamorakian Hasta

    It would be helpful to be able to make it though, as it's a feature on OSRS and it may be very helpful for ironmen.

    Nice session, I'll be entering for sure. Keep it up.
  12. Money making Guide

    Great work with this guide, very helpful to newer players and even some of the more experienced ones. Pinned, keep up the great work.
  13. Lottery change.

    maybe not every 30 minutes, but every 6 hours or something might be more beneficial. I agree, the lottery system at the moment is dead.
  14. PURE PK WITH D CLAWS?! + AGS GiveAway.

    Really enjoyable watch. Nice work!
  15. ShadowRs07's Staff Aplication

    If you're serious about applying for staff you need to go into way more depth in regards to the questions, my man.