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  1. hi ricardomilos

    Nice work bois.
  2. Really handy and informative guide. Nice work.
  3. What up

    Just need to get used to playing RS again, been ages, but I like what I'm seeing. Jk came back because of max cape perks.
  4. What up

    Thought I'd make this post to see who's still knocking about from back in the day. Will hopefully be playing again soon.
  5. RuneWild Big Boy List

    Ye, stuff like this would make so many lives so much easier.
  6. First Week's KOTH Winner: Gambinos

    gz to gambinos.
  7. Local Skiller feedback/suggestion

    I'll come back if there's some skilling content.
  8. Staff Update: December 2018

    Congrats to everyone who got a promotion, especially my boy @Hovaldo. Shame to see some good guys moving on.
  9. Max Cape Buff

    The fact that there is still no max cape perks is retarded af, but it shouldn't have actual stats. It should have helpful pvm/skilling teleports and abilities.
  10. Forums kinda dead

    Forums died when I left.
  11. Gamble and Pets suggestion

    Trading pets is just fucking gross.
  12. ELY

    Nice one bro.