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  1. How do you kill a rat? Turn to a Cobra

  2. we need map and game sound !!!

    add more cosmetics, then sounds, bored of not being able to spawn shit which will never be worth anything.
  3. Lumber helper application

    The application could do with some more fleshing out. Best of luck.
  4. Donator (BOND)

    I can happily say I donated for the pixels, not the rank, and although the benefits I got for being a donor were taken for granted, they do hold a value which is at least equal to the small fee you pay to renew them. Things like spec restore and yell are worth the monthly cost of 150-200m, just to be able to PK more fluently and sell items/communicate with more effectiveness, they're not necessities, if you don't want to pay, don't.

    whens this giveaway happening then?
  6. slags

    waddup yo
  7. Nice video, I'll definitely enter.
  8. Donator (BOND)

    Ye true, there should be base perks you get for being a certain donor.
  9. noway to get pestle and mortar?

    Type ::item 223 in-game.
  10. pumpkincarver1

    Legit, miss u g <3
  11. Basilisk Knight Location & Explanation.

    Very handy considering I've just returned. I will definitely be checking these out.
  12. Application for staff

    If my man has been active since I made those last comments, he needs his answer.
  13. pumpkincarver1

    Fuck the other comments on this video, I enjoyed it.
  14. Demonic Gorillas [Donators]

    fo sure.
  15. New 1 hour loot video!

    Nice video bro, would like to see more of these.
  16. Donator (BOND)

    I think it's fair, this is a business when it comes down to it. There are definitely a lot of ways that would have been worse for the integrity of the game, at the end of the day it's easy to make 300m in a month in order to retain your membership.
  17. mute

    Please appeal here - https://www.runewild.com/forums/forum/52-appeal-for-your-offence/ Locked.
  18. good music + nh clips

    Fair play to you.
  19. Event: Scavenger Hunt

    Interesting idea, best of luck everyone.
  20. Corrupt ? to ? the ? CORE ???

    rudra u know hot