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    Very generous. Hope it brings in some new players
  2. Raids 2 - Theatre of Blood

    I have never done it but support for the pvmers
  3. Zamorak brew fix

  4. How do i get the ROW to work?

    If you want something to auto loot coins get a servant pet. It will do that
  5. big boy merch

    Lol fail
  6. Very cool update. Love the rewards for completing collections. Pvmers will love that
  7. 6IXTH's Official Clan Thread

    Username: lil john Timezone:utc-4 K/D Ratio: Playtime: Language(s): english Discord: Yes Microphone: Yes
  8. Price Fixes (risk)

    Yeah some items need to be fixed I agree
  9. Nice video edits
  10. Awesome update cant wait to test out the morrigan javs
  11. Summer PK video FT. Adrian Dead

    Finaly pk content. Most videos on this server seem to be gambling
  12. Servant Ability

    Yeah.. I don't know how that is hard to understand lol
  13. Servant Ability

    Agreed. Needs to be updated specially because its 10k or roughly 500/600b to receive this pet.
  14. Runewild Flower Poker #1 Starting Low

    Road to 100b