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  1. Mining Guide

    thank you, 99 mining achieved
  2. all of my accounts / alts have the password changed on them. the usernames/ login emails are totally unknown so they could not of been compromised. made just for runewild. any suggestions on what happened? all my accounts that have actual value wont let me log into them saying incorrect password. but i know the password is correct.
  3. Holy that's a big update good work
  4. Road To Max

    So many 98s lol nice
  5. Road To Max/Achievement cape!

    Keep it up man
  6. New Fan Art for Much Money CC


    Very generous. Hope it brings in some new players
  8. Raids 2 - Theatre of Blood

    I have never done it but support for the pvmers
  9. Zamorak brew fix

  10. How do i get the ROW to work?

    If you want something to auto loot coins get a servant pet. It will do that
  11. big boy merch

    Lol fail
  12. Very cool update. Love the rewards for completing collections. Pvmers will love that
  13. 6IXTH's Official Clan Thread

    Username: lil john Timezone:utc-4 K/D Ratio: Playtime: Language(s): english Discord: Yes Microphone: Yes
  14. Price Fixes (risk)

    Yeah some items need to be fixed I agree
  15. .

    Nice video edits