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  1. Runewild Kills, Fails + Random Shenanigans + 1 Bill Giveaway.

    Awesome vid man! Could use work on the pure part but - IGn Estarossa
  2. Server lags for me

    The server makes me freeze like for 3 to 4 seconds lately... I don't think it's my computer... what should I do to fix this?
  3. muted

    how long is my account muted for
  4. Who is Profile?

    The man got slapped by me, the 1 and only, pure pker and then flames ; - ) https://gyazo.com/323d2032f25502959ad8235e2265f8d5 https://gyazo.com/c12628b92bb8fe12af11848d1c5c5574 https://gyazo.com/ee7f44c41590c702198faa5b0da7076f