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240 of akina

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About 240 of akina

  1. Back from a retirement bridding

    The boy
  2. Akina Pking a few AGS Deepwild

  3. Someone get this man off my team

  4. Sam aka password back on the server boys!

    As you know Akina "Justin" was my mate playing on 07 and private servers. The only guy to ever play rune wild banned and mod at the same time on 2 different IPs loooool He quite playing over a year ago like a sweaty ni**a bot he is....but I do have his account and YouTube channel active. Anyway enjoy this retard getting tbed but claims he's #1 pker..... 1080 60fps Discord - Sam#6947
  5. Student of the game

    If you were aware of old pvp players..this video would be very relevant
  6. Fuck the other side

    its not supposed to be good. literally me just runnong around fucking about. L0L come get some smoke then
  7. Pk - 1

    nice bro
  8. 2v2 Inners vs Ratlord Leader and Co

    Geeeeeeeet this weak ass shit off my screen blood