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  1. I'm back. :)

    Fam looking rusty, man better decide to stay off my ends or join my ends. innit
  2. What's boppin -Justin Here

    At my apartment today finally getting some time to play this game which I missed so much. Shout out to david for letting like 3 people on my account but I'll let it slide. Sam did however run my akina rs youtube channel pretty nice! You can't say he isn't better from LOCO lmfao. You nerd,. Anyway, I started a Media company 2 years ago and put the mouse down for a long time. @Wheelz and I had a conversation about veterans a week ago lol. He mentioned that most people don't even know I created like the first 3 rag accounts on rspspk, el loco to ever get banned that's how vet I am. Or when DJ traphouse hit the age of like 14 and thought he was cool making 2 hour vidoes of ragging loot. LMFAO Anyway, I will log on everynow and then, if you have gave this account (my brother) or sam) any or gear ect. just pm me and ill see if i can hook you up :). Lastly, tell more people about this fucking server. shit is bare. Imma invite all my 07 nerrds. -Justin Glad to be back!
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  4. Living off licks

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