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  1. quick, simple money making method

    thanks everybody!! and tyvm sage mode haha, RIP john dunsworth. he truly was incredible.
  2. quick, simple money making method

    Hi all, Just wanted to share a money-making method I've been using that can be used for beginners and more seasoned users alike. It's extremely low-risk and can be used to level your slayer up and get slayer points as well. My method is using blood barrage on abyssal demons in the Catacombs to make 5-6m cash per hour if you do it quickly. I use blood barrage rather than ice barrage, because freezing the abbys makes it more difficult for them to follow you and stack up into one square, allowing for quicker and easier kills. This is my get-up: Alternately if you are just beginning here is a setup consisting solely of spawnables/items found in your bank automatically: Below is the inventory I use, I suppose you could bring mage pots but I find it rather useless. Enter the Catacombs by talking to the Ancient Wizard in between the shop and the slayer building, clicking monsters, then catacombs. Abyssal Demons are very close to the entrance of the catacombs if you simply run West past the greater demons. You will want to keep Protect from Melee on the entire time you are doing this. Once you get to the Abby Demons and have Blood Barrage on autocast, there are eight abby demons you will want to get to pile you. This is easily done by running within a square of them and onto the next ones. Once they're all on you, you can run into a corner with them stacked and kill them all quickly. It takes me 2 minutes 30 seconds on average to get this done, which yields a 200k cashpile. There is a stack of 8 abbys in front of me here. Happy Hunting A