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  1. Storm Staff Application

    First I'd like to say thank you for your reply, now with that out of the way I'd also like to say I happily accept any feedback negative or positive. Warranted of course, and while yours isn't whatsoever I'm going to give you my time. You're commenting on your alt account on my staff application because you know it would look negative on you commenting on your main account "READYFORWAR" and it's a little insulting that you'd think I'm that dumb to not know. Also, your comment of me being toxic and racist to your Venezuelan brothers is ridiculous because the most I ever fp is 20-30b and that bit of gold is definitely not enough to effect my attitude towards other people. Now, onto the comment of the threatening to mute you, how would I possibly do that when 1: im not a mod and 2: i don't pk in anywhere other than edgeville and I'm definitely not getting a max set. You can ask anyone that pks and does it legitimate and they'll tell you they've never even seen me in any pk trips. The only thing I am toxic against is unintelligent players with no patience who want to try and ruin the economy by camping bosses and selling the gold they get so they can have money. Are you part of that by any chance? Anyway in conclusion, thank you for your reply, but probably don't waste the time on lying on my staff application when you can be merching instead. P.S. sorry for not selling you the ely you wanted which is probably why you're so upset.
  2. Storm Staff Application

    Thanks guys much love.
  3. Before we get started there's some basic requirements. You must know the rules of our game. ☑ You must not have any previous bans on record.☑ You have to be active both in-game and on the forums.☑ In the case you get declined you have to wait at least 7days before re-applying unless told otherwise.☑ About yourself? What's your in-game username? - Storm What is your timezone? - Eastern US What is your playtime? - 12 days Tell us a little about your gaming history. - Played osrs when I was younger, transitioned into console gaming, and came back to pc. Now I only play runewild, and very little xbox Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - I was previously a staff member in 2018, had some personal family matters that effected my availability time in game and had to resign and rightly so. Now I am back with a job closer to home and available pretty much all the time. I feel as though when I was staff previously I made a good impression on the community I came in contact with as I mainly stayed in help cc and involved myself with people new, returning, or experienced. My experience with the staff position previously could be beneficial, The server for me isn't just about pking or making money etc. The community involvement as well as being able to immerse myself into one of the most balanced rsps around is what I play for. With the addition of new content I'd like to be a part of helping make everything run smooth Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: I feel as though our current active staff team does a good job with what they have available. I would love to be a part of the staff team again for an awesome server, and help in the spots that can't be covered with availability. Thank you guys for taking the time to read through my staff application and I welcome any positive or negative feedback that is warranted respectfully.
  4. KingOfStakes Veteran Rank

    Good luck!!
  5. Suggestions 3.0

    That makes perfect sense, I can agree with that as well.
  6. Suggestions 3.0

    Hate to bring up an old thread but I can't agree with you enough Crook, I'd love to see some of these suggestions implemented. Just recently maxing [again] after being away before the new skills were brought in the ctrl+b command is absolutely useless... especially while trying to do smithing with furnace. I'd also think it would be pretty cool to have like a "wishing well" maybe at home that you can use a certain amount of money and get exp boosts for a limited time. At one point the donator island gave a 50% exp boost while being there. Also agree that the max cape perks should be spread to the other max capes as well. Overall +1 thanks for the awesome suggestions!
  7. planting my lovely seed

    Welcome back. Enjoy!
  8. pin bank

    You'd might have a better chance reaching out to a global moderator on the discord app, David may be the only one that can fix the issue you're having though. Either way good luck with your issue!
  9. Veteran

    Gl bro! Nice to see OGs around
  10. VET APP

    Makes sense
  11. bloody cod vet rank app

    Gl man!
  12. VET APP

    Your forum posts are lower than 50, and past 30 days playtime equals out to 600hrs? Do you play 20 hrs a day?
  13. Staff Application

    -1 from me as well, only thing I ever see is you bragging, toxic in yell, and an all around negative person. I've not seen you helping anyone really.

    Gl 2 u
  15. Veteran app

    Appreciate you brotha