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  1. MTFF Veteran Rank

    Good luck!!
  2. Suggestions 3.0

    That makes perfect sense, I can agree with that as well.
  3. Suggestions 3.0

    Hate to bring up an old thread but I can't agree with you enough Crook, I'd love to see some of these suggestions implemented. Just recently maxing [again] after being away before the new skills were brought in the ctrl+b command is absolutely useless... especially while trying to do smithing with furnace. I'd also think it would be pretty cool to have like a "wishing well" maybe at home that you can use a certain amount of money and get exp boosts for a limited time. At one point the donator island gave a 50% exp boost while being there. Also agree that the max cape perks should be spread to the other max capes as well. Overall +1 thanks for the awesome suggestions!
  4. planting my lovely seed

    Welcome back. Enjoy!
  5. pin bank

    You'd might have a better chance reaching out to a global moderator on the discord app, David may be the only one that can fix the issue you're having though. Either way good luck with your issue!
  6. Veteran

    Gl bro! Nice to see OGs around
  7. VET APP

    Makes sense
  8. bloody cod vet rank app

    Gl man!
  9. VET APP

    Your forum posts are lower than 50, and past 30 days playtime equals out to 600hrs? Do you play 20 hrs a day?

    Gl 2 u
  11. Veteran app

    Appreciate you brotha
  12. Veteran app

    Thank you
  13. Veteran app

    I have over 50 posts Joined June 9th 2018 I recently maxed my account for the second time and have well over the required playtime I have never had any infractions on my acc
  14. Returning player

    Much love everyone, appreciate the warm welcomes
  15. Returning player

    Thank you everyone